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Magellan didn't circumnavigate the globe. Magellan only made it to the Philippines, where he started a battle and was killed by natives. It was one of his Captains — Juan Sebastián Elcano 1476 – 1526 — who actually completed the journey, yet historically has not received credit for his journey.

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Amelia Rose Earhart actually has never held the record as the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine aircraft; that record belongs to Richarda Morrow-Tait

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  1. The first female to circumnavigate the globe was a goat, affectionately nicknamed "The Goat", who traveled around the world twice with Captains Wallis and Cook. Cook grew so fond of her he allowed her to live at his home after their voyage and noted her death in his personal journal

  2. Ben Carlin, the first and only person to circumnavigate the globe in an amphibious vehicle. He traveled 17,780 kilometers (11,050 mi) by sea and 62,744 kilometers (38,987 mi) by land over ten years in his modified Ford.

  3. Magellan did not actually complete his circumnavigation of the globe. He died in the Philippines and the voyage was completed by Juan Sebastian Elcano

  4. Bernard Moitessier was about to set a record for the first solo non-stop circumnavigation of the globe when he decided instead to continue on to Tahiti "because he was happy at sea."

  5. The first monarch to circumnavigate the globe was the Hawaiian King Kalākaua in 1881.

  6. In 1766–1769, Jeanne Baret was the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. During most of the trip, she was disguised as a man.

  7. Erden Eruç took 5 years and 11.5 days of rowing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling to become the first person in history to complete an entirely solo and entirely human-powered circumnavigation of the globe. The route he followed was 66,299 km (41,196 mi) long.

  8. In November 1965 two retired airline Captains leased a Boeing 707 and circumnavigated the globe over the North and the South Pole on a 26,230-mile (42,213 kilometer), 62 hours, 27 minutes, 35 seconds trip.

  9. There's a man named Martin Strel who swam the distance of the Amazon River non-stop for 66 days (3,273 mi), he has also swam the Yangtze River (2,487 mi) and the entire Mississippi River (2,414 mi), his goal is to one day circumnavigate the globe.

  10. It is possible that Magellan's slave "Enrique" may actually have been the first man to circumnavigate the globe, assuming he managed to go back to his homeland of Malacca (in modern Malaysia) after historical records lost track of him.

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Howard Hughes circumnavigated the globe in 1938 with a four man crew, setting a new record with a time of 3 days, 19 hours, and 17 minutes. There was a ticker tape parade in NYC and celebrations around the U.S. for his accomplishment.

A flying boat was forced into becoming the first commercial airliner to circumnavigate the globe, dramatically changing its flight plan after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The trip took just over a month to complete. - source

The Piccard family are truly a bunch of adventurers. Jeannette was the first woman to reach the stratosphere, Jacques was the first person to visit the deepest point of the ocean and Bertrand was the first person to circumnavigate the globe non-stop in a balloon. (Up Down Left Right) - source

About America's 'Great White Fleet', a U.S. Navy battlefleet that circumnavigated the globe. All ships were painted white to peacefully project America's growing maritime might. (December 1907 to February 1909)

After the cancellation of Captain Nicolas Baudin's attempt at circumnavigating the globe, von Humboldt traveled with another botanist to the Spanish Americas with the support of the Spanish king.

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During Magellan's voyage to circumnavigate the globe one of his officers was caught sodomizing a cabin boy. As homosexuality was illegal, the officer was tried, sentenced to death by strangulation and executed.

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Enrique, who was Magellan's Malay slave, may have been the first person to circumnavigate the globe. He was seized from Malacca in 1511 and served as interpreter in several voyages.

A table called "the cupboard" in Middle Temple Hall in London, reputedly made from timbers of The Golden Hind, the famous galleon and privateer used by Sir Francis Drake to circumnavigate the globe in the 1570s

The final skirmish of the American Civil War took place in the North Pacific, near Alaska's Aleutian Islands. Shortly after, the Confederate ship, the CSS Shenandoah, circumnavigated most of the globe before formally surrendering after reaching port in Liverpool England in Nov. 1865.

a Pan Am flying boat had to fly around the rest of the world after landing in Australia on December 7th 1941... circumnavigation of the globe had never been completed before by a commercial aircraft before then.

Magellan did not himself circumnavigate the globe, but he came very close: traveling East he reached Malaysia in 1511. During his famous Westward expedition he died in the Philippines in 1521.

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The Confederate Naval Vessel CSS Shenandoah circumnavigated the globe, capturing or sinking 38 ships. It's surrender in England 7 months after Lee's surrender was the last Confederate action of the War.

Jeanne Baré, the first woman to complete a voyage around the globe, a circumnavigation, disguised herself as a man to join the expedition. She was part of Louis Antoine de Bougainville's expedition that sailed from 1766 to 1769 and worked as an assistant to naturalist Philibert Commerçon.

The Freedom Ship, a proposal for a 1317m integrated city with condominium housing for 50,000 people, an airstrip for turboprop aircraft, duty-free shopping and other facilities, which would circumnavigate the globe continuously, stopping regularly at ports of call.

The happy newlyweds then moved back to France, which finally completed Jeanne Baret’s circumnavigation of the globe. She was the first woman in history to complete such an expedition.

The first female to circumnavigate the globe was a goat, who ended up doing it twice. Once under Samuel Wallis and another as James Cook's personal milk provider.

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An electron moves more than 1300 miles an hour, fast enough to circumnavigate the globe in about 18 seconds; but that's still only about 1% the speed of light

The last combat of the U.S. civil war was the CSS Shenandoah sinking US whalers in the Bearing Sea. The Shenandoah lowered its flag in Liverpool after circumnavigating the globe on November 6, 1985.

Charles Darwin's ship HMS Beagle, which circumnavigated the globe twice and had Darwin on board when he made the discoveries that led to his theory of natural selection, final resting place is believe to be in Paglesham, Essex where the vessel was likely dismantled, and repurposed elsewhere.

The first person to circumnavigate the globe was most likely a Filipino slave owned by Magellan. He completed his journey around the world when Magellan’s crew reached the Philippines.

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