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An Icelandic tradition called Jólabókaflóð exists, where books are exchanged as Christmas Eve presents and the rest of the night is spent reading them and eating chocolate.

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There is a Christmas tradition in Catalonia involving an anthropomorphic log that defecates candy. On Christmas Eve, children beat the log with sticks while singing the song "Caga tió" ("Shit, log") so that candy might appear the next morning.

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  1. Christmas tradition dictates that a man is allowed to kiss any woman standing underneath mistletoe and that bad luck will befall any woman who refuses the kiss. With each kiss a berry is to be plucked from the mistletoe and the kissing must stop after all the berries have been removed.

  2. Coca Cola sales in Sweden often drop more than 50% during Christmas, due to the tradition of drinking Julmust.

  3. The Welsh Christmas tradition, Mari Lwyd, in which a skeletal horse mounted on a pole visits your door singing poetry. You are then compelled to engage in a battle of rhymes and must best it or else you’ll have to let it inside and give it food.

  4. Santa Claus, Indiana. They receive thousands of letters each year for Christmas and have a dedicated team of volunteers known as "Santa's Elves" that makes sure each child gets a reply. This tradition has existed since 1914.

  5. The tradition of putting Christmas lights up outside started in Denver, CO on Christmas Eve, 1914. D.D. Sturgeon, founder of Sturgeon Electric, wanted to give his ill son some Christmas joy, so he wrapped his pine trees with electric bulbs, which were dipped in red and green paint.

  6. There was a 41 year old swedish man whose christmas tradition was to travel to a city 107 miles away from his, to then put his penis inside other peoples mail drop and yell "come and smell on a christmas sausage"

  7. Having KFC "Kentucky Fried Chicken" is a Christmas tradition in Japan.

  8. Telling "scary ghost stories" on Christmas eve is an all but lost Victorian tradition

  9. Japanese people traditionally eat KFC for Christmas dinner, thanks to a successful marketing campaign 40 years ago. KFC is so popular that customers must place their Christmas orders 2 months in advance.

  10. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has become one of Japan's favorite Christmas tradition

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An annual televised showing of Disney cartoons at Christmas Eve is a serious Swedish holiday tradition of near-Super Bowl level viewership

There is a Peruvian Christmas Tradition where people fight each other to settle grievances on Christmas Day. - source

Telling ghost stories was a Victorian Christmas tradition that has largely disappeared but survives in "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and "A Christmas Carol" - source

There is a Catalan cmad tradition of giving children a "Shitting log" a couple weeks before Xmas. They have to "feed" it and keep it warm so it will deficate their presents on Christmas eve by beating it with sticks.

Christmas along with the Christmas tree and many Christmas traditions were not originally related to Christianity but rather adopted from Yule and Saturnalia by the churches - source

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In Finland on Knut's Day - 13th of january - young men used to go from house to house in goat costumes, "taking away Christmas" frightening people and demanding for their remaining christmas foods and alcohol. The tradition is no longer practiced.

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A popular Christmas decoration in the Nordics, the Yule Goat, is a tradition going back to pre-Christian days. A popular prank was to place a goat made of straw in your neighbour's house without them noticing, and the victim would then repeat the act

Thanks to a Japanese marketing campaign in 1974 called “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” or Kentucky for Christmas!, that eating KFC chicken on Christmas has become a tradition in Japan and over 3.6 million Japanese families eat KFC chicken on the holiday every year.

The tradition of opening gifts on Christmas morning is nearly exclusive to English-speaking countries. In most European and Latin American countries, it is done on Christmas Eve.

Early Christians did not celebrate Christmas as celebrating birthdays were thought to be a Pagan tradition, and many iconic Christmas items such as wreaths are taken from Pagan traditions.

The traditional Christmas meal in Japan is KFC, after the hugely successful 1974 marketing campaign 'Kentucky for Christmas!'

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The original War on Christmas was waged in New England during the early days of America. Due to Puritan beliefs of the region, Christmas was illegal in the mid 16 hundreds because it espoused "Pagan" traditions. It still remained culturally taboo until the 1870's.

12th century nuns left socks full of nuts, fruit and tangerines at the doors of the poor. This is where the tradition of putting tangerines in stockings came from.

Due to the assistance provided by the City of Boston to Halifax in the aftermath of the Harbor Explosion, Halifax provides Boston with a Christmas tree every year. A tradition now in its 101st year

Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" is why we say "Merry Christmas" today. The phrase had been around before, but when the book was an instant hit in 1843 it popularized it right at a time when Christmas began to establish as an annual tradition again, so the phrase stuck.

The German tradition of the "Christmas Pickle" is relatively unknown to Germans and 91% of Germans polled had never heard of the holiday tradition.

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The Appalachian Christmas tradition of "sereneding" that involves shooting guns in the air until your neighbor feeds you.

Western traditions on Christmas Eve to prepare for Santa's arrival often include leaving out milk and cookies, hanging stockings over the fireplace, and reading Christmas stories.

Japan is the 3rd largest market for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Since 1974 it has become common tradition to eat KFC as a Christmas meal.

Branches of mistletoe (hanged on the doors) were used against the witches and ghosts during the middle ages. Today, mistletoe represent inevitable part of Christmas decorations, especially in the USA. Romantic custom to kiss person caught under imela is few centuries old tradition which still lives in the USA.

In Gävle, Sweden, every year around Christmas they build Gävlebocken, an enormous traditional straw goat. And every year, someone tries to burn it down for no reason.

Hanukkah is similar to Christmas in that it is a time when families gather, share blessings, food, music and traditions. Both holidays are rooted in religious beliefs.

The traditional Christmas meal in England before turkey was mustard and a pig's head.

Since 1959, families in Sweden have made it tradition on Christmas eve to gather and watch a donald duck christmas special aired on public television.

Some Americans believe that there is a christmas tradition here in Germany called "Christmas pickle"

The US tradition known as a Christmas pickle. Apparently you hide a glass or plastic ornamental pickle in the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning, the first child to find the pickle receives good luck or a special prize from Santa. It's origins are disputed.

Natives in Canada had a traditional holiday nearly identical to Christmas until it was outlawed for being unchristian, hundreds of natives were imprisoned for continuing to give gifts to their friends and family in December from 1921 until the law was repealed in 1951

A tradition that involves a pickle ornament. The finder of the Christmas Pickle ornament on Christmas morning, gets an extra present from Santa Claus and will have a lucky year!

According to Balkan tradition, virtually any kind of melon or pumpkin kept more than ten days or after Christmas will become a vampire

As the result of a successful ad campaign in 1974, eating at KFC on Christmas has become a tradition for many Japanese people. Many of them order months in advance to avoid hours-long lines

In Britain it was traditional for some to burn Christmas letters on the fire so that they would be magically transported by the wind to the North Pole

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