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American artist Chris Burden Had himself shot in the arm by a friend, as a part of a performance art piece called "Shoot"(1971) and when questioned about the work on BBC in 2012, he said "I had an intuitive sense that being shot is as American as apple pie".

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An artist, Chris Burden, in order to convey personal danger as artistic expression, was shot by his assistant and crucified to a Volkswagen Beetle.

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  1. Joe Deutch, in 2004, played 'Russian Roulette' in front of an entire classroom at UCLA. As an art grad student, he filmed the incident as a performance art piece. The school's ill-handling caused world renowned artists Chris Burden and Nancy Rubin to resign as faculty.

  2. The famous artist Chris Burden produced a work of performance art called shoot in which he was shot by a .22 rifle in front of a live audience.

  3. Chris Burden, creator of the iconic Urban Lights, created very violent performing arts pieces, including one where his friend shot him in the left arm.

  4. Chris Burden, the artist who passed away today, once filmed himself being shot in the arm by his friend

  5. American performance artist Chris Burden did a performance piece in 1971 called Shoot, in which he was shot in his left arm by an assistant from a distance of about 16 feet with a .22 rifle. He was referenced in David Bowie's 'Joel the Lion' for once nailing himself to a Volkswagen in 1974.

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