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The Kiwifruit was original called the Chinese Gooseberry. In 1962, New Zealand growers began calling it "kiwifruit" to give it more market appeal

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The Chinese Gooseberry was renamed the Kiwifruit (and later shortened to Kiwi) in order to appeal to a larger market in the US.

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  1. Kiwifruit were originally called "Chinese gooseberries" or "melonettes" in English until they were renamed by one of the largest kiwi-producing countries: New Zealand

  2. The kiwi bird came BEFORE the kiwifruit. In fact, the kiwifruit was originally called the Chinese gooseberry before it was rebranded in 1959 after the bird to help promote the fruit after the export markets opened in New Zealand. (And yes, the kiwi's full name is actually kiwifruit!)

  3. The kiwifruit isn't from New Zealand at all – it's from China, and was originally called the Chinese gooseberry

  4. Kiwifruits were originally from China and called Chinese Gooseberries or Stawberry Peaches, but were rebranded later by New Zealand growers.

  5. The kiwi fruit was originally known as the Chinese gooseberry

  6. The Kiwifruit is also called the Chinese gooseberry.

  7. Until 1962, the kiwifruit was called the Chinese Gooseberry. New Zealanders renamed the fruit for marketing purposes.

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