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Yale graduate William Chester Minor, who became one of the largest contributors for the compiling of the Oxford English Dictionary by providing usages of words from his antiquated book collection, was a clinically insane murderer who cut off his own penis.

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A murderer named William Chester Minor made enormous contributions to the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary while he was in a mental asylum.

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  1. Dr. William Chester Minor—an American army surgeon who became one of the largest contributors to the Oxford English Dictionary after spending years in a lunatic asylum for murdering someone. While incarcerated, the widow of the man he killed often visited and gave him books for his research.

  2. About Dr. William Chester Minor, the biggest contributor of words to the Oxford dictionary, doing so in the confines of a lunatic asylum

  3. William Chester Minor, a major contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary, cut off his own penis with a knife.

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