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Alan Turing was charged with "gross indencency" after self-reporting a burglary and telling the police about the relationship he had with a man he suspected was involved. He chose chemical castration as his sentence. This caused him to grow breasts, become depressed, triggers for his suicide.

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Alan Turing, the man who broke the enigma code during WWII, is estimated to have shortened the war by over two years, and to have saved over 14 million lives. He was later charged for his homosexuality and was forced to undergo chemical castration.

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  1. Chemical castration is mandatory in Florida and California for pedophiles convicted of their second offense.

  2. Alan Turing, the father of theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, was chemically castrated for homosexual activities after World War II. He received a royal pardon nearly 60 years after he committed suicide.

  3. The Aversion Project. Where nearly 1000 patients who were submitted to chemical castrations and electric shock treatment, meant to "cure" them of their homosexual “condition.”

  4. Depo-Provera (the birth control shot for women) is also used with male sex offenders as a form of chemical castration as it has the effect of reducing sex drive in males.

  5. The birth control shot Depo-Provera is also used in males for chemical castration. Its effects last for 3 months.

  6. Idea of chemical castration in the UK was first raised in 2007 by John Reid. Nearly 100 paedophiles are chemically castrated at Whatton prison.

  7. the story of Alan Turing through the movie The Imitation Game. Who not only cracked The Enigma Code but was also chemically castrated by of the Government of the UK for being a homosexual.

  8. Some sex offenders are given the birth control shot as a form of mandatory chemical castration.

  9. Alan Turing, the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, committed suicide after being chemically castrated for being a homosexual.

  10. Nearly 100 Britain’s most dangerous paedophiles have been chemically castrated to curb their sick desires.

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Indonesia approves death penalty and chemical castration for child rapists.

The Aversion Project. Dr. Aubrey Levin treated nearly 1000 patients who were submitted to chemical castrations and electric shock treatment, meant to "cure" them of their homosexual “condition.” - source

In 8 U.S. States, surgical or chemical castration is an optional sentence for sexual offenders - source

Alabama wants to chemically castrate sex offenders before parole is on the table. - source

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