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After Russia outlawed virtually all gambling in 2009. A Russian engineer learned how to cheat slot machines. He took his knowledge to the US and won $21,000. Casinos still have no fix for it.

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A Sonic fan game came with malware DRM that sent the user's IP address to the creator, then used browser history and admin privileges to brick the game if the user tried to use cheat engines. Simply searching the name of the game followed by "cheat" would close the browser window.

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  1. Louis Dethy, a retired Belgian engineer who was being evicted from his home due to cheating on his wife. He rigged his house with 20 shotgun traps, keeping riddles and clues to their whereabouts. The 20th trap was either never found or never built.

  2. The Chess Fair Play Commission were so skeptical of 58 year old Igors Rausis' age defying improvement in chess that a sting operation commenced. While Rausis was on the toilet during a game, they took a photo of him. The photo revealed he was cheating by putting his game into a chess engine

  3. There is a cheat code for Star Wars Episode 1: Racer that allows you to use two N64 controllers to steer. Each Joystick independently controls an engine; emulating how the pilots steered in the movie.

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