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Police investigators spent years chasing the "Phantom of Heilbronn," a female serial killer whose DNA was found at dozens of crime scenes. Investigators finally discovered that the DNA belonged to a factory worker who made the cotton swabs used to collect DNA samples.

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Over 60 old police cars were purchased for the making of the 1980 movie Blues Brothers' chase scenes, and none of them survived.

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  1. The term "Cut to the chase" originated from the American film industry's silent movies of the 1920's. These were often laden with obligatory romantic plot-lines that young audiences would find boring, but ended with exciting car or boat chase scenes.

  2. The slow-motion footage of the forest chase scene in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was produced by one of the Slow Mo Guys

  3. The story of "Canuck the Crow", an infamous bird in Vancouver Canada known for stealing a knife from a crime scene, breaking into a McDonalds, chasing the mail man, and is still being tracked and swooping people to this day.

  4. The phrase "Cut to the chase" comes from silent movies which often ended with a chase scene. When the film had boring, or to much dialogue executives would say this to the directors.

  5. Edgar Wright conceived "Baby Driver" in 1995 after he envisioned a bank robbery and car chase set to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's 1994 song "Bellbottoms", which he used at the film's opening scene. The film features choreography in which the actors' actions synchronize with its soundtrack.

  6. The film crew of Terminator 2 refused to film the helicopter chase scene because it was so dangerous. James Cameron ended up filming it himself.

  7. When police raided a dog fighting ring in South Carolina, 8 suspects attempted to flee the scene. One of the suspects was taken into custody after one of the dogs chased him and "took him down". The dog then escaped.

  8. While filming 'Seven' Brad Pitt slipped and drove his arm through a windshield. The resulting injury was so bad that he had to wear a cast, which was written into the script. For scenes that took place before the chase, he had to conceal his arm.

  9. Mexico City started making a parade on 'Día de muertos' (Day of the dead) inspired by the scenes shown on James Bond movie Spectre where the agent is chasing down a villain during the holiday. Prior to the movie, this event did not exist

  10. Patrick Swayze cracked four ribs while filming the surfing sequences in the 1991 film "Point Break." He refused to use a stunt double as he never previously had one for fight scenes or car chases.

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In the 1939 film "Jesse James" a blindedfolded horse was intentionally plunged 70 feet off a cliff to its death for a chase scene.

The famous car chase scene in "The French Connection" was not filmed on a set but rather on a real street one day, with real people driving and walking around, unaware that a movie was being filmed. Accidental collisions were kept in the film and Gene Hackman did all the driving himself. - source

While filming The Dukes Of Hazzard, One person died and 8 others were injured while rehearsing a chase scene when their camera truck flipped. - source

During the helicopter chase scene in Terminator 2, the t-1000 had three arms (one flying the chopper)

The infamous French Connection scene of a car chasing a subway train was done without permits - source

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Police investigators spent more than 15 years chasing the mysterious "The Woman Without a Face" a female serial killer whose DNA was found at 40+ crime scenes. Finally they discovered that the DNA belonged to a working woman who made the cotton swabs used to collect DNA samples.

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The mall used in the chase scene in The Blues Brothers was closed permanently in 1978 but remained standing until 2012.

The crane chase scene in ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’ ran over budget to such an extent that Schwarzenegger put up $1.4 million of his salary for it to be finished. The entire film ended up costing $187 million, making it the most expensive, independently-produced film at the time.

The phrase "cut to the chase" originated in earlier films which would typically climax in an exciting chase scene. Inexperienced screenwriters would sometime "pad" these scenes with unnecessary dialogue and bore the audience, which gave rise to the expression.

Steve McQueen chased himself in the motorcycle scene of The Great Escape

In the movie Interstellar Matthew McConaughey character "Cooper" first name is never revealed throughout the entire film. Also, Nolan shot the Cornfield chase scene on the same farm where "MAN OF STEEL" was shot which he also produced.

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Kathryn Bigelow used a special "Pogo Cam" in Point Break so actors could run full speed during chase scenes

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase only appeared in this one iconic scene together in Caddyshack. Others scenes together were cut from final production. Also Murray only shot film for 6 days total and improved almost every line.

The famous car chase scene in "The French Connection" was shot illegally. legendary stunt driver Bill Hickman drove for 22 blocks at 95 mph through Queens with no permits coordination or planning

Johnny Galecki talked himself out of a one-on-one father/son scene with Chevy Chase in the movie Christmas Vacation

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Andrea Yates's eldest son, 7-year-old Noah, walked in on the scene of mother drowning his infant sister in the tub. He asked, "What's wrong with Mary?", then panicked and ran out. Andrea chased after him and dragged him back to the same fate his four younger siblings had just suffered.

"Chasing the dragon" is a slang phrase from Hong Kong referring to inhaling the vapor from heated opiates. Which give sense to the heroin hero scene in South Park.

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