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Charles Bronson, tough guy actor of classic films like The Magnificent Seven and Death Wish, grew up in abject poverty, the 11th of 15 kids. His family was so poor he once had to wear his sister's dress to school. When he was 16, he mined coal for $1 per ton.

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Charles Bronson's, one of the toughest men in Hollywood, was so poor growing up that at one time he had to wear his sister's dress to school for lack of clothing.

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  1. A mentally ill woman scribbled her "will" on the back of a grocery list, bequeathing her entire estate (valued at $300,000) to actor Charles Bronson, who she never met. After he accepted, her family filed suit against Bronson and he ended up settling out of court.

  2. Infamous prisoner Charles Bronson released his hostage, a civilian librarian, after the man farted and Bronson was disgusted by him

  3. Charles Bronson's family was so poor that at one time he had to wear his sister's dress to school for lack of clothing.

  4. Charles Bronson once took took a civilian hostage and demanded an inflatable doll, a helicopter and a cup of tea. He later released the hostage after being disgusted when he broke wind on front of him.

  5. Charles Bronson took a prison art teacher hostage for critiquing one of his drawings. The standoff lasted 44 hours.

  6. Charles Bronson shaved off his moustache and sent it to Tom Hardy to wear during the filming of the movie "Bronson"

  7. There is only one known clip of "Britain's most violent prisoner" Charles Bronson fighting

  8. A woman left her entire net worth of $300K to actor Charles Bronson, a man she'd never met

  9. Charles Bronson "Britains most violent prisoner" captured 2 Iraqi's & made them call him 'general' while tickling his feet, once captured a prison officer only to release him after being disgusted by his farts & held somebody to ransom for a cup tea.

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Number of people Paul Kersey kills in the Charles Bronson Death Wish movies.

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When the movie "Legend" is released, Tom Hardy will have portrayed two notable patients of Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital: Charles Bronson, and Ronald Kray.

British criminal Charles Bronson took three inmates hostage and forced them to tickle his feet and call him general. Later he chanted "I want ice cream", afterwards he hit a hostage with a metal tray and felt guilty so he asked the hostage to hit him. Finally he cut himself and let them go. - source

When actor Charles Bronson was working with David McCallum in 1962, he reportedly told him "I'm going to marry your wife". In 1968, Bronson did just that when he married Jill Ireland, the ex-wife of David McCallum - source

On 17 May 2014, Charles Bronson covered himself in butter. and attacked prison officers at HM Prison Full Sutton after hearing about the result of his least favorite football team, Arsenal FC winning the 2014 FA Cup Final.

Prisoner Charles Bronson, before attacking twelve prison guards, covered himself in Lurpak butter to stop them grabbing hold of him. - source

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Charles Bronson family was so poor that when he came home from school he had to give his socks to his brother to wear to work in the mines. By that measure of poverty, I am incredibly wealthy.

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About Charles Bronson: The most violent prisoner in Britain.

Charles Bronson had his own cologne called Mandom, his commercial was awesome

Charles Bronson changed his surname from Buchinsky to Bronson because his agent feared that an Eastern European surname might damage his career during the "Red Scare." He took his inspiration from the Bronson Gate at Paramount Pictures on the corner of Melrose Avenue and Bronson Street.

In February 1993 Charles Bronson took a librarian hostage and demanded a sex doll, a helicopter and a cup of tea.

Tom Hardy impressed the real Charles Bronson so much with his preparations for his role as him in the Bronson movie that Charles shaved off his trademark mustache so that Tom could wear it as a loose mustache in the movie

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Notorious British Criminal Michael Peterson (aka - Charles Bronson) Has raised over £250,000 for charity over the last 20 years by drawing artwork and sending it to selected charities and individuals.

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