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Henry Ford popularized charcoal briquettes after he noticed noticed a large amount of his money being wasted on wood used in the manufacturing process of his model A cars. Ford passed off the briquette business to a relative named Kingsford and the rest is history.

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WHen Ford was first creating the Model T's, a lot of the car was made out of wood. With so much wood scrap, Ford discovered a use for all the waste wood: Charcoal briquettes. Eventually, Ford Charcoal was renamed after a relative of his: Kingsford.

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  1. Henry Ford helped industrialize charcoal briquette production with Ford Charcoal, which later became Kingsford

  2. Henry Ford, in his quest to have zero waste, used saw dust to create the first charcoal briquette.

  3. The Ford Motor Company "invented" Charcoal Briquette and sold them / gave them away as promotional items.

  4. North Korea's largest export is charcoal briquettes.

  5. When St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Dizzy Dean was told that his toe was fractured after being hit by a line drive, he responded “Fractured, hell! The damn thing’s broken!” He also once unironically used “slud” as the past tense of “slide” and owned a charcoal briquette factory after retirement.

  6. Henry Ford, father of the automobile, is also father of the charcoal briquette.

  7. The charcoal briquette was first invented and patented by Ellsworth Zwoyer of PA in 1897 and produced by the Zwoyer Fuel Company. The process was further popularized by Henry Ford, who used byproducts from automobile fabrication. Ford Charcoal went on to become the Kingsford Company.

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