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Pablo Picasso carried a revolver loaded with blanks, which he would shot at people who asked about the meaning of his paintings.

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Road damage mostly results from trucks and buses. The damage a vehicle causes is proportional to the axle load raised to the fourth power, so doubling the weight an axle carries actually causes 16 times as much damage.

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  1. A fully loaded C-130 Hercules can carry $2.4b in cash. In 2003, twenty-one shipments of American cash totaling 363 tonnes were flown into Iraq. $6.6b of that money is totally unaccounted for and could be the largest cash theft in American history.

  2. Elephants were enticed by Chinese and Burmese drug smugglers to carry their loads by feeding them opium laced bananas. After a year-long methadone treatment program, the elephants are now drug free.

  3. California Governor Ronald Reagan banned open carry of loaded firearms shortly after the Black Panthers marched on the State Capitol while bearing arms.

  4. There's a volcano in Indonesia that erupts with blue lava. Local men trek up the mountain daily to mine its sulfur - they carry loads of 180-200 pounds, but the sulfur only sells for only 2.5 cents/pound, so many men make the climb twice a day.

  5. Pablo Picasso would carry around a gun loaded with blank bullets and he would shoot at fans who asked about his theory of aesthetics or the meaning of his works of art

  6. Researchers at MIT have developed a tiny origami robot that can fold itself into the proper shape, walk along surfaces, swim, dig, and carry a load all while untethered, and then dissolve completely in acetone

  7. Israeli soldiers can carry their rifle, loaded with a magazine, while off duty.

  8. Dzo is primarily used as pack animal by local farmers and traders. Its main purpose is to carry heavy loads across the mountain passes and to support tracking and hiking expeditions to the Mount Everest. Dzo is able to carry around 300 pounds of weight.

  9. In 2003, a farmer carrying a syringe loaded with cow antibiotics was knocked down by one of his cows and was accidentally injected. He was transported to the hospital where they called Poison Control, who told him there were no known antidotes. He died less than an hour later.

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For the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, 300,000 pedestrians walked on the bridge deck. This was far more than predicted, and was the heaviest load ever carried by the bridge. The weight was so great the span sagged under it, flattening it out.

Ants can carry load that is 50 times greater of their own weight.

The Polish army adopted an orphaned bear while in Syria and taught him to drink, smoke, salute, wrestle, and load vehicles—he even carried artillery shells during the battle of Monte Cassino. To provide for his rations and transport him, he was registered as an actual private in the Polish army - source

During the falklands war the british royal marines marched across the islands, covering 56 miles (90 km) in three days carrying 80-pound (36 kg) loads.

Llamas are very intelligent, but stubborn animals. When the load on its back is too heavy, llama will refuse to carry it until some of the load is removed.

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400 pounds heavy llama can easily carry 100 pounds heavy load for 10 to 12 miles.

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There exists a powered exoskeleton suit called HULC. It is designed to allow its wearer to carry 90kg loads at 15km/h and could be a future solution to allow some people to walk

The 747 got its hump because Boeing thought it would be a terrible passenger jet. They believed the 747s future was as a cargo jet & adding the hump made it possible to load cargo nose-first. The hump has since made the 747 an icon, and its now carried more passengers than any other widebody jet

Nauru, the smallest island nation in the Pacific, has their own national airline. It once had a wide network covering Hong Kong, Taipei, as well as several cities in Australia. Average load factor throughout the network was around 20%, with many flights carrying no or few passengers

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The fibula does not carry any significant load (weight) of the body. It extends past the lower end of the tibia and forms the outer part of the ankle providing stability to this joint. It has grooves for certain ligaments which gives them leverage and multiplies the muscle force.

Famous singer Dean Martin was once arrested in 1982 for carrying a loaded pistol after he was stopped on suspicion of drunk driving

The Mulford Act, a 1967 California bill that repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms, was enacted by Ronald Reagan after he witnessed the Black Panther Party bearing arms in front of the California State Capitol.

The largest train car in the world is the WECX 801 at 231ft long unloaded and able to carry loads up to 1000 tons. (Video included)

President Reagan passed the Mulford Act, which repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms, after the Black Panthers marched bearing arms upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.

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The Mauritania Railway is the longest, largest and heaviest train in the world (3km). Each train load carries 17,000 tonnes of iron ore - more than enough to build an Eiffel Tower.

Apache helicopters carry postage in times of war, and take an long time to load.

In Montana a 14-year-old can carry a loaded handgun in public.

One of the country's largest Christmas tree farms uses helicopters to carry freshly cut trees to one of the farm's staging areas. There the trees are processed and loaded onto trucks or refrigerated vans depending on their final destination

Seyit Çabuk a gunner in the Ottoman army. During the battle of Çanakkale the shell crane of his gun broke. Corporal Seyit carried and loaded a 600 pound shell on his own and sank a British Dreadnought.

In 1967 Ronald Reagen said - “There’s no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.”

The distinctive hump on the Boeing 747 was placed there so that they could become front-loading cargo planes once supersonic jets like Concorde became the main passenger carrying airliners.

It's legal to carry a loaded weapon into 11 of the top 20 major airports including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Phoenix and Las Vegas

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