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Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall, Swedish modern pentathlete, was the first athlete to ever be disqualified for doping in the Olympics. He drank 'two beers' to calm his nerves before pistol shooting, giving him an unfair advantage.

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The first athlete to be disqualified at the Olympics for drug use was a Swedish pentathlete who drank two beers before his shooting event to calm his nerves.

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  1. Actor Ron Perlman smokes 4 cigars a day, mostly to calm himself. He says: “Some people meditate, I smoke cigars. It’s the best way for me to find myself. Smoking a cigar stops my hands from shaking. Smoking a cigar prevents me from punching people in the face when they get on my nerves."

  2. The first Olympic disqualification for drug use was against a Swedish pentathlete who drank two beers before his shooting event to calm his nerves.

  3. Swedish University students have a nightly tradition of screaming out their windows at 10 PM. No one really knows why it happens; some say it’s to remember a student who committed suicide in the 1970s, others say it’s to calm the nerves of exam season.

  4. The L-theanine in tea keeps the jitters away by increasing the levels of the calming neurotransmitters serotonin and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA neurotransmitters are all over the brain and stimulate nerve cells involved in anxiety inhibition as well as those that help to induce sleep.

  5. There was once a large fire on the Russian space station MIR. It was so bad, in fact, that all of the astronauts on board proceeded to drink cognac to calm their nerves.

  6. Russian cosmonauts were given tumblers of vodka 'to calm their nerves' after their soyuz mission failed at launch, which subjected them to 14-17G's by the launch escape system

  7. Grooming is important ritual that creates close bonds between community members. It can also calm the nerves of excited animals.

  8. Richard Dawson, longtime host of 'family feud' who was notorious for kissing female contestants, began said tradition while trying to calm the nerves of a flustered player.

  9. There is a job called the Cat Cuddlers, where the job scope involves petting and stroking cats for long periods of time, and whispering to calm the nerves of the cats

  10. Serotonin, a chemical produced by nerve cells, helps us keep calm, happy and emotionally stable. It's deficiency results in depression and anxiety. Chocolate lovers are usually happy as dark chocolates and nuts help increase Serotonin.

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Margot Robbie was uncomfortable filming her nude scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street so she had to be given shots of Vodka to calm her nerves.

Dutch Courage supposedly comes from the use of Gin to calm nerves of the British before going to war in Antwerp, Belgium. - source

Specially trained dogs roam Denver International Airport to calm frayed nerves of frenzied travelers - source

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