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The British invented the "toast sandwich" which is literally a sandwich with buttered toast as the filling. A 1861 recipe suggests adding salt and pepper to taste, and that it "will be found very tempting to the appetite of an invalid."

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Twins separated at birth, one raised by a German Catholic Nazi family and the other by a Jewish family in Trinidad, both as adults flushed the toilet before and after going, enjoyed sneezing in elevators to startle people, dipped buttered toast in coffee, and wore rubber bands on their wrists.

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  1. Toast falling off a plate lands butter-side down almost 2/3 of the time.It’s nothing to do with one side being buttered, its that as the toast goes over the edge of the plate, it starts to rotate, but the spin-rate is too slow to bring the butter-side up again by the time it hits the floor

  2. In New York, a bagel that is toasted, buttered, or with cream cheese is taxable. Otherwise, a bagel by itself is exempt from taxation

  3. According to a 2001 study, when toast is dropped from a table, it lands "butter-side-down" 62% of the time.

  4. Robert A J Matthews proved that buttered toast really does have a tendency to fall face down, thereby providing prima facie evidence for Murphy's law

  5. Buttered Toast Phenomenon is the tendency of buttered toast, when it falls, to land butter-side down. In the past, this has often been considered just a pessimistic belief. However, several scientific studies have found that when toast is dropped from a table, it does fall butter-side down.

  6. There's an explanation as to why toasts fall butter side down. Since it slips from an angle and because tables are usually 2 to 6 feet tall, the toast will rotate half of a turn and land on the opposite side. Since the original position is usually butter side up, it lands butter side down.

  7. Toast in fact does land buttered-side down 81% of the time, due to the physics of the bread and the rotation of the fall.

  8. The weight of the butter is not the reason buttered toast lands on the butter side

  9. The United Kingdom has a dish called a "Toast Sandwich", which is a sandwich made by putting a thin slice of toast between two thin slices of bread with a layer of butter, and adding salt and pepper to taste.

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New arrivals to Ellis Island were given ice cream, but since they had never seen it before, assumed it was frozen butter and spread it on their toast. - source

A toast sandwich is a sandwich made by putting a thin slice of toast between two thin slices of bread, with an (optional) layer of butter - source

What Bubble Bass's Order Was: 12 Grilled All Beef Patties, Double Toppings, Extra Grilled Onions, Special Sauce Stacked On Toasted Buttered Buns

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