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Marvin the Martian was created as a satire of Cold War era Soviets. Marvin is from the red planet, wears red, feuds with Bugs Bunny (who represents the USA) as a parody of the Space Race, is armed with missiles capable of incredible destruction, and has an obsession with global domination.

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There is a bug that wears the corpses of it's prey. The "assassin bug" stabs and paralyzes it's prey before sucking their innards out. It then dons the corpses for camouflage and protection.

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  1. The Assassin Bug, which wears its victims' body parts as armour.

  2. A species of Assassin Bug that wears its victims as a form of camouflage.

  3. The assassin bug wears the corpses of its victims to mask the odor of themselves

  4. Acanthaspis petax, a species of assassin bug that 'wears' the corpses of its prey as a mixture of armour and camouflage against its own predators

  5. The "assassin bug" wears its preys bodies as armour and camouflage

  6. The assassin bug Wears Its Victims' Carcasses as Camouflage

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