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Actor Matthew Broderick killed 2 women due to careless driving in 1987 while on holiday in Ireland. He was ordered to pay $175 and served no time in prison.

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Matthew Broderick killed a mother and her daughter when he crossed into the wrong lane and collided head-on with a Volvo. He was fined $175.

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  1. Matthew Broderick (famous for playing Ferris Bueller) killed two women circa 1987 with his car by turning into the wrong lane and colliding with them head on. They died instantly.

  2. In Northern Ireland, 1987, Matthew Broderick killed a mother and child in by driving in the wrong lane. He was fined £175.

  3. Mathew Broderick caused a car crash that killed two women and only recieved a small fine.

  4. Actor Matthew Broderick Was Fined $175 After Killing Two Women

  5. In 1987, Matthew Broderick crashed into an oncoming car in Ireland, killing the mother and daughter.

  6. Matthew Broderick accidentally killed two women driving in Ireland in 1987, and these days owns a home in Kilcar, Ireland.

  7. In 1987 Matthew Broderick(Ferris Bueller) killed two people in an auto accident. Jennifer Grey(Dirty Dancing) was his girlfriend and passenger at the time.

  8. Matthew Broderick caused a car accident that killed an Irish mother and daughter and was fined $175.

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In 1987, Matthew Broderick drove into the wrong lane colliding head on with a car killing 2 people, was charged with a $175 fine - source

In 1987, Matthew Broderick caused a fatal accident that killed a mother and daughter in Northern Ireland. - source

While on vacation Matthew Broderick "Ferris Bueller" drove into an incoming traffic lane killing a mother.

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Matthew Broderick killed 2 people by driving on the wrong side of the road. He was fined $150.

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In 1987, while driving in Ireland, Matthew Broderick and Ferris Buller costar, Jennifer Grey, veered into the wrong lane and hit a car head-on, killing the mother and daughter inside. Broderick was fined $175 for careless driving. Grey's survivor guilt is said to have ended her film career

Actor Matthew Broderick killed a mother and daughter in a car accident in 1987

80s actor Matthew Broderick killed two people in an auto accident in 1987. His then girlfriend, actress Jennifer Grey, was also in the car.

In 1987 Matthew Broderick killed 2 people in a car crash in Northern Ireland. And was only charged with careless driving and paid a $175 fine.

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