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When sea ice cracks, pools of brine can leak into the sea, but the process can make hollow icycles, carrying the brine to the floor, freezing bottom-dwelling ocean life

About underwater lakes called "brine pools", which have a salinity 3 to 8 times higher than the surrounding ocean. They often have mussels which grow around their borders.

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  1. There are "Brine Lakes" or "Brine Pools" at the bottom of the ocean (There are a number near Yucatan). They look like underwater lakes, with tide marks and lapping waves.

  2. There are undersea lakes called brine pools. These lakes are composed of extra dense saltwater which reacts much like a real lake. It will flow over ridges and can have waves. Submersibles will even float on the surface of the lakes.

  3. Brine pools, lakes at the bottom of the ocean up to 10x saltier than seawater.

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