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In World War II, rationing laws prohibited the sale of freshly-baked bread because "the tastiness of just-baked bread is likely to encourage people to eat it immoderately". Bread had to be at least 24 hours old before it was sold.

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The creator of Maker's Mark bourbon did not have time to distill and age whiskey to taste test it, but he had created seven possible grain recipes and was unsure which to pick. He baked bread with each one, and the best tasting bread was picked as the grain "mashbill" recipe for Maker's.

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  1. The smell of fresh baked bread has been scientifically studied, discovering that the smell makes people more inclined to help each other

  2. Sliced bread was originally advertised as "the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped"

  3. The color of the plastic tag on bread actually means something. They indicate the day of the week on which the loaf was baked: Monday - Blue, Tuesday - Green, Thursday - Red, Friday - White, Saturday - Yellow.

  4. In 1971, Saddam Hussein imported 95,000 tons of grain treated with fungicidal mercury. The grain was intended for planting, but the Iraqis, unable to understand the English and Spanish warnings or the "skull and crossbones" image, baked it into bread. Hundreds died.

  5. Sliced bread was first advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped,”

  6. Aleksa Zdravkovic, a Serbian soldier who carried the same loaf of bread baked by his mother for 8 years through the Balkan Wars and WWI as a good luck charm until he returned home to Pirot. It remains preserved in a museum to this day.

  7. Cinnamon can prevent mold growth. Scientists have created cinnamon-based packaging that can prevent mold in bread in other baked goods.

  8. During the Russian famine of the 1920s, Government officials advised starving residents to dig up the dried bones of animals, grind them into flour and bake a “bread substitute [that has] a nutritive value of 25 per cent more than rye bread, in spite of its unpleasant smell and taste”.

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What temp should bread be baked at?

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Bread clips are color coded for the day of the week is was baked

In Iceland people use geysers to bake bread. - source

Petit Four (small french pastries) got their name from how they are baked. Traditional brick ovens took a long time to cool down, so to not waste residual heat after baking bread, bakers made smaller cakes at this lower temperature. It was called baking à petit four - literally "at small oven." - source

..Small framed 120 lb Molly Schuyler smashed the world record on April 19th 2015 by eating three 72 ounce steaks, 3 shrimp cocktails, 3 baked potatoes, 3 salads & 3 bread rolls in 20 minutes. The ‘Texas King’ is free to anyone than can eat it in an hour or less at The Big Texan, Amarillo

Beverly Cleary has said that she would often write while baking bread. She would use the bread's rising time to write.

What happens to yeast when bread is baked?

Bread and other baked goods are not the only food products that contain gluten. Soy sauce, ice cream, beer, ketchup, and many other products contain gluten because it is used for a stabilizing agent and for its structural forming capabilities in some vegan (faux) meats.

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Panko is made from bread that was baked by electric current, causing it to form no crust

Yeast is a type of fungi used in baking, which helps to make bread rise.

That, in a 2002 German study, researchers found that the baking process produces a novel type of cancer-fighting antioxidant in bread that is eight times more abundant in the crust than in the crumb.

The color of the twist tie on bread indicates the day the bread was baked

There are workshops held within the park where visitors can learn about historic trades such as blacksmithing, sewing, gardening, and baking. Participants can learn about making butter, cheese, treats, bread, and pie and they can also learn about sewing and how blacksmithing was done.

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A Japanese company created a perfume intended to smell just like you are burying your face in your cat’s head, because the smell is akin to "fresh baked bread".

Markers were invented in 1947 when a baker named Elnathan Ryan wanted to be able to easily write on top of loaves of bread so customers would know exactly when the bread was baked.

Oldest known bread was baked in Australia more than 30 thousands years ago

The big holes found in bread are caused by explosions from improperly-mixed baking powder.

There's a brand of bread made with ingredients based on a bible passage, but a few lines later god demands the bread be baked over human poops. Shortly after, god compromises and allows the use of cow poops.

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Competitive eater Molly Schuyler once ate three Big Texan 72-ounce steak dinners in 20 minutes. Each plate consisted of a 4.5lb steak, a shrimp cocktail, a baked potato, a salad, and a bread roll. She weighs 120 pounds.

In June of 1590 the city of Paris was under siege and the population starving, so the bones of the dead were ground into flour and baked into bread-- which killed all those who ate it.

Bread has been banned in space since the infamous crumb incident of 1965 on NASA's Gemini 3 mission. 52 years later, a the company Bake in Space is working to invent a crumb-free bread that will be tested by the ESA next year.

The bread used to make Panko breadcrumbs is baked by passing electricity through the dough instead of heat.

Panko breadcrumbs are made by grinding bread baked using an electric current

When The Beatles broke up, Paul McCartney and John Lennon grew apart in later years, but McCartney would often phone Lennon and in an effort to avoid talking only about business, they often spoke of cats, babies or baking bread

Scoring on bread loaves was originally so families could find their loaves after baking in community ovens

The colored ties on your bread aren't just there for looks. They tell which day the bread was baked.

Baking bread is one of the earliest forms of biotechnology

Subway used to apply a chemical called Azodicarbonamide on its breads as a bread conditioner to whiten the dough and allow sandwich bread to bake more quickly, until a petition drive spread which gathered over 50,000 signatures forcing it to make alterations

The color of the twist ties/plastic tabs keeping a bread bag sealed tell you the day the bread was baked: Monday-blue, Tuesday-green, Thursday-red, Friday-white, and Saturday-yellow. Wednesday and Sunday are usually not delivery days and aren’t assigned a color.

The colored twist ties on bread is actually a code for what day the bread was baked.

Bread ties are color-coded by which day of the week the bread was baked.

91 years from today, sliced bread was sold for the first time (on the inventor's 48th birthday) by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Chillicothe, Missouri.

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