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The SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus is so infectious that one man in Hong Kong infected 183 people in 8 appartment buildings with one horriffic bowel movement, causing a plume of aerosolised faeces to circulate through the ventiltion system and outside on the wind.

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A man accused of swallowing narcotics, went an incredible 47 days in custody without any bowel movements, leading to his release

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  1. Poo-phoria occurs when your bowel movement stimulates the vagus nerve, which descends from the brain stem to the colon. It takes a particularly "large mass of stool" to trigger poo-phoria and its vagal-nerve-induced feelings of exhilaration, intense relaxation, and goose bumps.

  2. Water is lost through normal daily bodily functions such as breathing and urinating. It is also lost through sweat and bowel movements.

  3. ¨Groom of the Stool¨ was a courtier position where you would assist the monarch during his bowel movements. It was a highly regarded position which would be bestowed upon the sons of nobles.

  4. Symptoms that people may experience, if they do have symptoms, can include fevers, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, pain in the abdomen, darker urine, darker bowel movements, and joint pain. Some people also experience jaundice, which is the yellowing of the whites of the eyes and skin.

  5. If you put the contents of a sloth's bowel movement on a scale, they might weigh up to one-third of the animal's body weight. This is 282 percent larger than what scientists would expect to see in an animal of the sloth's size. "You can watch their stomachs physically shrink as they poo,"

  6. Leaves and pods of Senna Alexandrina contain compounds (called anthraquinones) which stimulate bowel movement and soften the stool. They are used as laxative for hundreds of years.

  7. Every unborn baby grows a mustache in the womb, which then spreads to cover the entire body. The baby then eats this fine hair and excretes it after birth with their first bowel movement.

  8. Even decaffeinated coffee stimulates bowel movements. Scientists do not currently understand which compound is responsible for its laxative effect.

  9. Sitting on the toilet for too long, straining and holding your breath while making bowel movements can potentially lead to hemorrhoids

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bowel movement fact data chart about Testing if anilingus could replicate benefits of fecal trans
Testing if anilingus could replicate benefits of fecal transplants, I started recording every bowel movement and how long it had been since I'd given my wife a rimjob. I wasn't exp

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The birth of the the dauphin (the heir to the French throne) Louis-Joseph in 1781 set a fashion trend using a new shade of brown, "caca-dauphin", the color of the baby's bowel movements.

46% Mexicans and 15% Americans suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a disorder that causes abdominal pain, stomach cramps and change in bowel movements. Causes of IBS are still unknown, it has no specific diagnosis test, it is often misdiagnosed and it has no cure. - source

Robert Shields, a teacher who kept a diary that chronicled every five minutes of his life between 1972 and 1997. The diary contains 37.5 million words and fills 94 boxes. He included measurements of his body temperature, blood pressure, and descriptions of his urination and bowel movements. - source

Standard Japanese toilets include heated seats, ass showers, bidet and automatic flushing. Some have a noise feature that will make a flushing sound to cover up your noisy bowel movements.

A newborn's first bowel movement is viscous, sticky like tar, and completely odorless. - source

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of the Mariko Aoki Phenomenon, the phenomenon that makes people have bowel movements inside Japanese Bookstores

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Gandhi was obsessed with people's bowel movements

It's possible to have solid bowel movements instead of 6 to 11 completely liquid bowel movements per day.

Before the "Bowel Movement Bandit" there was the "Ypsi Pooper" who pooped on a playground slide in Michigan at night for months until police caught him on camera. A billboard campaign called for citizens to "flush out the pooper" and do their "civic doody" by reporting the "poopetrator."

The country with the largest average bowel movements is Tonga.

Groom of the Stool" was an actual job created during the reign of Henry VIII to help assist with the kings bowel movements. The "stool" was a portable commode that the groom would have to carry around at all times, along with water, towels and a wash bowl. Practice ended in 1901

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Daniel Benzali was fired from the tv show Murder One, for because he refused to leave his home before he completed his morning bowel movement and was perpetually late to the set

A Museum in Pennsylvania Will Let You Look at Abraham's Lincoln's Last Bowel Movement for $7

Dogs use Earth's magnetic fields to align their bowel and bladder movements - and they prefer to relieve themselves along a north-south axis. In fact, canines will actively avoid going to the bathroom in an east-west direction, one of many senses K-9s have.

There is a serial pooper in my hometown that has been pooping on people's cars since 2012. The media has dubbed him "The Bowel Movement Bandit"

Haribo's Sugar-free Gummy Bears give many people explosive bowel movements

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