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An author was angered by a negative online review of his book, so he tracked down the person who wrote the review, travelled to Scotland where she lived, and hit her over the head with a wine bottle

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Queen Mary of England was gifted a 1:12 scale doll house in 1924. It had working lights, books that were specially written by writers for the library, bottles filled with the appropriate drinks in the wine cellar, and model cars made by Rolls Royce. Even the toilets had working plumbing.

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why do wine bottles have a dimple at the bottom?

  1. The cesium test. To test if an old bottle of wine is genuine it is tested for cesium 137. If there is none present, the bottle predates 1945 and the nuclear age.

  2. On new years eve in 2010, restaurateur Ted Balestreri offered to open a bottle of 1870 Lafite Rothschild, one of the rarest wines in the world, for former CIA director Leon Panetta if he captured Osama Bin Laden. Five months later, Osama Bin Laden was captured and the bottle of wine was opened.

  3. The oldest unopened wine bottle in the world is from a 4th century Roman tomb

  4. One of the most expensive wine bottles that was never to have been drunk was a 1787 Margaux from Thomas Jeffersons Collection, the owner brought it to a restaurant and a waiter knocked it over. Insurance payout was $225,000 in 1989

  5. A New Jersey man was once charged $3,750 for a bottle of wine after the waitress recommended the one that was "thirty-seven fifty."

  6. A man in NJ was charged $3750 for a bottle of wine, ordering it after a waitress told him that it was "thirty seven fifty".

  7. British officers imprisoned in Colditz castle, an 'escape-proof' Nazi POW camp, tried to escape by tunneling out. They emerged instead in a German colonel's wine cellar, where they proceeded to drink 137 bottles of wine, fill them with urine, and place them back on the shelves.

  8. A writer was upset with an online review of his book, so he traveled to Scotland, hunted down the reviewer, went to the store she worked at, and hit her in the back of the head with a wine bottle.

  9. Prior to the first nuclear bomb detonation in July of 1945, isotopes such as strontium-90 and cesium-137 simply did not exist in nature." Pieces of art and bottles of wine created before 1945 can be tested for cesium, if they contain traces of cesium they would almost certainly be fake.

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Why do wine bottles have a dimple in the bottom?

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A $1.99 bottle of wine, "Two Buck Chuck", beat 2300 other wines to win the 28th Annual International Eastern Wine Competition.

British officers imprisoned in Colditz castle, an 'escape-proof' Nazi POW camp, tried to escape by tunneling out. They emerged instead in a German colonel's wine cellar, where they proceeded to drink 137 bottles of wine, fill them with urine, and place them back on the shelves. - source

While shooting The Princess Bride, Andre the Giant racked up US$40,000 at the bar Hyatt in London, where he was staying. According to some estimates his average daily consumption of alcohol was a case of beer, three bottles of wine, and a couple of bottles of brandy.

The oldest bottle of wine, Known as Römerwein, or the Speyer wine bottle, it’s at least 1,650 years old. This dates back to the 4th century, sometime between 325 and 359 AD. The 1.5-liter glass vessel was discovered during the excavation of a Roman nobleman’s tomb in modern-day Germany. - source

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Most balsamic vinegar is fake and dyed with food color. The real stuff is aged like wine in barrels for 12-25 years and could run up to $400 a bottle.

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In 1989, a bottle, also from Thomas Jefferson's collection, was valued at an astronomical $500,000 by its owner, William Sokolin. When Sokolin took the wine with him to a Margaux dinner at the Four Season Hotel, a waiter knocked the bottle over, breaking it. Insurers paid out $225,000.

The year on bottles of wine is the year the grapes were picked, not the year the wine was bottled.

30 british officers tried to escape POW camp "Castle Colditz" (Oflag IV-C) by digging a tunnel. Because they read the compass wrong, they landed in the wine cellar of a german colonel. There they drank 137 bottles of wine, filled them with their urine and placed them back.

The woods oldest grape vine is 500 years old and found in Slovenia. It has survived Napoleonic wars, WW1, and bombing by the Nazis in WW2. It still produces 35-55kg of grapes and 100 bottles (250 ML each) of wine are produced each year.

Johnny Depp hates watching himself in movies, and needs a "few bottles of wine" before he can stomach it.

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The Vatican is the largest wine consumer in the world per capita. Each resident of the city-state consumes an average of 74 liters of wine per year, or nearly 100 bottles. This is twice as much as in France and seven times more than in the United States.

There are hidden wine cellars that run beneath the expanse of the Brooklyn Bridge. Though no longer in use, they were created to help supplement the building costs as merchants would pay to store expensive bottles in the always cool vaults.

Phil Spector repeatedly pointed loaded guns at Leonard Cohen while producing one of his albums. At one point Spector shoved a revolver into his neck while holding a bottle of kosher red wine and said, ‘Leonard, I love you.’ Leonard Cohen responded by saying ‘I hope you do, Phil.'

A Nebuchadnezzar is 20 regular 750ml bottles of wine. Other large sizes have similiar biblical names

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A NY wine merchant brought a $500,000 bottle of wine to a fancy restaurant party to show it off. He broke it.

To test the authenticity of wine, you can measure its radioactivity. If it was bottled before 1945, there shouldn't be any cesium 137 - radioactive evidence of exploded nuclear bombs - in the wine.

Wine is cheaper than bottled water in Australia.

A monastery in the UK makes a 15% fortified wine that contains as much caffeine as 8 coke cans per bottle, and that is synonymous with crazed blackouts and drunken rampages. The monks insist that the drink is safe.

The world's most expensive wine was found by a diver exploring an 80 year old shipwreck... he found 200 bottles and each was sold for $250,000

A man intruded into Queen Elizabeth's Buckingham Palace through an unlocked window in the roof, sat on her throne, ate some cheddar, drank half a bottle of her white wine then left. He was not charged as trespassing into Buckingham Palace was not yet a criminal offense.

Richard Brittain, a British author who tracked down a Scottish teenager who wrote a bad review of his Wattpad novel and shattered a bottle of wine on the back of her head.

Oxford University has over 1000 bottles of wine that are older than 200 years

At the high point in the Roman Empire's history of wine, it was estimated that Rome was consuming over 180 million litres (47 million US gallons) of wine annually, about a bottle of wine each day for every citizen.

The word "fiasco" comes from Italian wine bottles- they're the ones that have baskets on the bottom.

The Versailles House, a home being built in Florida that will have 11 kitchens, 14 bedrooms, 32 bathrooms, a 30-car garage, a bowling alley, an indoor roller rink, five total pools, a video arcade, a two-story movie theater, a fitness center, a 20,000-bottle wine cellar, and 2 tennis courts.

The British Foreign Office has a Government Wine Cellar founded in 1908, located in a mansion in the West End of London. Their latest annual report shows that it contains 33,669 bottles of wine and spirits with an estimated market value of £3.3 million.

France produces between 7 and 8 billion bottles of wine per year, equivalent to one bottle of wine per person for the everyone on Earth.

Tap water costs around 0.097p a litre – or around 1p for a bucket of water. Bottled water costs on average 500 times more than tap water, the equivalent of paying £1,500 for a pint of beer or glass of wine.

Consumers think heavier wine bottles appear more expensive, and will pay more for wine if the bottle feels heavier.

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