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Blueberries and raspberries have the same pigment compounds, anthocyanins. Blueberries are blue because they are less acidic. If you add an acid like vinegar to crushed blueberries, they will turn red. Adding a base like baking soda will return them to blue.

how blue raspberry is made?

Blue raspberry flavor is based on a real fruit called Whitebark Raspberry, which bears blue/black fruit.

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  1. The flavor Blue Raspberry is based on a real fruit, the whitebark Raspberry. Although the fruit's actual color is a deep purple, the fruit provided a way for candy makers to use blue dye

  2. Blue Raspberry was created for use in snow cones due to concerns over FD&C Red No. 2 dye; the research that deemed it safe had been sponsored by the companies producing the dye. The artificial flavor we know as raspberry was primarily created from banana, cherry, and pineapple esters (essences).

  3. The taste of blue raspberry is actually the taste of a real fruit, Rubus leucodermis, the whitebark raspberry

  4. Blue Raspberry flavor is actually based on a white berry known as white bark raspberry

  5. The flavor Blue Raspberry was created to replace a cancer causing red food dye.

  6. The flavor of "blue raspberry" comes from an actual plant called Rubus Leucodermis, also called the Whitebark Raspberry

  7. Red and blue gummy worms are actually strawberry-grape flavored, not cherry-blue raspberry

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Blue raspberry flavor is based off a real fruit, the "Whitebark Raspberry" and is only blue because candy makers had no other flavor to use with blue dye.

The red and blue gummy worms are actually strawberry-grape flavored, not cherry-blue raspberry like I’ve always assumed - source

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