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Due to altitude, your tastebud sensitivity to salts and sweets are reduced 30%. And because 80% of what people think is taste is actually smell, the 12% humidity in a pressurized airplane cabin causes odor receptors not to function, food tastes twice as bland than on the ground.

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Corn Flakes were originally served to mental patients based on the notion that bland foods would make you calmer and less 'passionate.'

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  1. Graham Crackers and Corn Flakes were both invented as part of a bland food diet that was thought to curb one’s sexual appetite and help men to masturbate less

  2. Tomato juice actually tastes better at 30,000ft due to cabin pressure lowering the amount of oxygen in your blood resulting in most foods tasting bland. Tomato juice holds its flavor and that’s one reason why we drink it on planes!

  3. The representation of food in the Hebrew Bible does not necessarily (or even often) reflect the reality of the Ancient Israelite diet. The Promised Land said to flow with milk and honey was actually bland unleavened cakes and parched grain

  4. John Harvey Kellog, invented Kellog's cereal as a bland breakfast alternative to prevent children from masturbating (which was taught to be caused by eating spicy food). He also advocated genital mutilation without anesthetic as and wrote about the benefits of applying acid to the clitoris.

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