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Kano Jigoro, the father of Judo, asked to be buried in his white belt to be remembered as a learner and not the black belt master that he was.

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In order to qualify to be a police officer in Japan, the student must obtain a black belt in Judo. In addition, courses are given in calligraphy, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, poetry writing, and Japanese flute to sensitize a police officer to the artistic side of human nature.

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  1. In 2009 a Russian robber broke into a hair salon, was beaten by its black-belt owner and kept as a sex slave for three days while being fed only Viagra.

  2. As a white belt, Paul Walker told his BJJ coach that he would get his black belt "even if he needed to get it in his coffin", shortly after Walker's death, that same coach awarded Walker his black belt and told his father he could put it in his coffin.

  3. Elvis was quite gifted in the martial arts. He reached the level of First Degree Black Belt and one of his instructors instructors was quoted saying “In martial arts, he wasn’t Elvis, The Entertainer. He was Elvis, The Black Belt, with 15 years’ experience”

  4. The only woman ever in history to obtain a 10th degree black belt in Judo did so at the age of 97. She also continued teaching Judo 3x a week until she died at 99

  5. The first black Deputy US Marshal of the Wild West was said to have arrested over 3,000 felons in his career, including his own son. He had his belt and hat shot off several times, but was never wounded himself.

  6. Teddy Roosevelt suffered a detached retina in 1908 after becoming blind in one eye due to a boxing injury in the White House. He later switched to jiu-jitsu and became a black belt.

  7. Ed O'Neill (the father in the Married with Children) is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

  8. There is a hardcore full contact style of Karate called "Kyokushin" which means "The Ultimate Truth" in Japanese where students fight barehanded and have to fight 100 people in a row in order to get a black belt.

  9. - in a rare case of black bear vs black belt - a 63 year old Japanese man used his karate skills to defeat a bear that attacked him while he was fishing. The man then drove himself to the hospital to treat his injuries, after collecting the fish he had caught.

  10. Bob Barker trained for eight years with Chuck Norris and is a black belt.

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The actor who played the gungan chief, Boss Nass, in Star Wars Ep I (Brian Blessed) survived a plane crash in the rainforest of Venezuela, boxed w/ the Dalai Lama, climbed Everest 3 times, and is a 3rd degree black belt

The Clay Belt, a large area suitable for farming in northern Ontario and Quebec. Although land is free for use and very fertile, settlement attempts repeatedly failed; one farmer gave up because "there are seven months of snow, two months rain, and all the rest is black flies and mosquitoes". - source

19yo Joe Rogan won the US Open Taekwondo lightweight championship, and then went on to beat both the US middle and heavyweight champions. He is also a kickboxer, Judoka, and holds black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Willie Nelson became a fifth-degree Tae Kwon Do black belt in 2014. He would train by himself on his tour bus and send videos to his master for critique. - source

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Ron Thomas who played Kobra Kai member Bobby Brown in 'The Karate Kid' went on to become two-time Karate world champion and a sixth degree black belt.

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Ed O'Neil (Married With Children) is a Brazilian Jiu-JItsu Black Belt

Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) is a real-life Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and probably the toughest member of the MCU in the real world

As many as 70 million people practice taekwondo today and 4 million of the taekwondo students are black belts.

Actor Ed O'Neill (Al Bundy / Jay Pritchett) is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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The Belted Galloway, often called the "Oreo cow" because of its black and white appearance, only has a population of about 10,000 animals and is on the "watch" list in the US.

Bess Coleman the first Black Female Pilot died at age 34 after falling out of an airplane she was flying because she wasn't wearing a Seat Belt

Ed O'Neill has a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and trains with the Gracie family

The black belt in martial arts does not necessarily indicate expert level or mastery. It was introduced for judo in the 1880s to indicate competency of all of the basic techniques of the sport.

Jeffrey Donovan (aka Michael Weston on Burn Notice) actually has a black belt in karate and has studied jiu-jistu and aikido.

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Actor Ed O'Neill from Married with Children/Modern family has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and trained under the Gracie family.

Josh Waitzkin (chess prodigy from Searching for Bobby Fischer) also became a world champion at Tai Chi, has written a book on the psychology of learning, and has a black belt in Jiu Jitsu

Chuck Norris made history in 1990 when he was the first Westerner in the documented history of Tae Kwon Do to be given the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master

Vladimir Putin own a 9 degree black belt in judo, surpassing even Chuck Norris

During the comic book speculator boom, knockoffs of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were made with names like Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters, Geriatric Gangrene Jujitsu Gerbils, and Pre-Teen Dirty Gene Kung-Fu Kangaroos.

Two men attempted to mug another man only to find out he was 6th degree black belt Renzo Gracie, who promptly decided to live-tweet their beat down

About Fred Williamson. A former 3× AFL All-Star defensive back known as The Hammer. He later became an actor starring in such films as "Boss N!gger", "Black Caesar", and "From Dusk till Dawn". He has black belts in Kenpō, Shotokan karate and Taekwondo.

In the taekwondo belt system the colors include white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black.

After falling in love with BJJ, Chuck Norris bought his instructors a gym in Encino rather than drive down the I 405. Norris would eventually earn a 3rd degree black belt from those instructors

Reuben Paul, an indian kid that became a black belt in kung fu at 7, a CEO at 8 and constantly gives talks about cybersecurity

Jessica Cox is the world's first licensed armless pilot, as well as the first armless black-belt in the American Taekwondo Association. She was born without arms due to a rare birth defect.

Elvis Presley was a 8th Degree San Karate Black Belt

Chuck Norris was the first Westerner to become an 8th degree Black Belt Grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do in about 4500 years.

Constantine II, the last king of Greece, was an Olympic athlete winning a gold medal in sailing, while also a black belt in karate

Actor Ed O'Neill has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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