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Ben Stiller came up with the idea for "Tropic Thunder" while working on the set of Steven Spielberg's WW2 drama "Empire of the Sun" and seeing actors come back from "fake" Army boot camp and treating it like a real war experience.

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Judd Apatow wrote the screenplay for "Heavy Weights," aka the fat camp movie with Ben Stiller.

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  1. In 1999, Ben Stiller made a pilot starring Jack Black as a former astronaut. He was exposed to inappropriate levels of solar energy, giving him superintelligence. And Owen Wilson played Heat Vision, a talking motorcycle.

  2. Dan Aykroyd originally planned for a new Ghostbusters film to star Chris Farley, Ben Stiller and Chris Rock. The plot would involve them being transported to Hell and dealing with an overpopulation problem.

  3. 'Heat Vision and Jack', a failed FOX pilot starring Jack Black as an astronaut who gets super intellect after staring into the sun too long, and Owen Wilson as his talking motorcycle. The show was written by Dan Harmon and directed by Ben Stiller.

  4. At the age of 21 Ben Stiller made a cameo in the 1987 World War II drama Empire of the Sun. While on set, he came up with the idea for the film Tropic Thunder

  5. In the movie Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller originally wanted Keanu Reeves to play the part of Tug Speedman, while he intended to take the role of Rick Peck, that Matthew McConoughey ended up playing.

  6. Lisa Loeb's Stay (I Missed You) hit #1 on Billboard without being signed to a major label, a national first because of Ben Stiller's movie Reality Bites

  7. Ben Stiller wrote TROPIC THUNDER -- about self-important actors getting lost in a war movie set in Asia -- while acting in Spielberg's EMPIRE OF THE SUN -- a war movie set in Asia.

  8. Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Jim Carrey and Steve Carell are considered to be part of a mid-90s wave of crude-humored actors known as the "Frat Pack"

  9. Rodger Bumpass (the voice of Squidward) is the brother-in-law of Ben Stiller.

  10. Tribute" by Tenacious D feature cameos by Dave Grohl as a demon and Ben Stiller as a passerby

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Cable Guy was originally supposed to be a buddy comedy starring Chris Farley. When Jim Carrey expressed interest the studio jumped at the opportunity and offered him $20 million. Jim then brought Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller on board and they transformed the movie into a comedy thriller.

Ben Stiller was part of a high school punk band named Capital Punishment. They have released only one album called Roadkill in 1982. - source

In 1999, Ben Stiller and his girlfriend went to dinner in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her friend and a student who asked him all sorts of questions about movies and Hollywood. That student was Bill Hader and would later go on to star in Saturday Night Live. - source

Dan Harmon helped write Heat Vision and Jack, a TV pilot rejected by fox Starting Jack Black, Owen Wilson and directed by Ben Stiller. Rejected in 1999, it was years ahead of it's time.

Ben Stiller's repeated "but why male models?" line was improvised, because he forgot his actual line - source

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In the extended edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy there are five Easter Eggs, including Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller asking Peter Jackson if he was considering making another LOTR movie even though the trilogy was over.

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The line "but why male models" in Zoolander was only in the movie because Ben Stiller forgot the actual line, so he just repeated his previous one.

Meet The Parents starring Ben Stiller is a remake of a 1992 independent film of the same name.

Ben Stiller originally wanted Keanu Reeves to play the part of Tugg Speedman in the movie Tropic Thunder, while wanting to cast himself as Tugg’s agent, Rick Peck

Judd Apatow and Steven Brill (writers of the 1995 Disney movie: 'Heavyweights') originally intended for the movie to end in a final standoff with the main antagonist, Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller), losing his mind and threatening to kill the campers with a bow & arrow. Disney rejected the ending.

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Ben Stiller has the world record for the longest selfie stick

About 'Heat Vision and Jack'. It was a television pilot written by Dan Harmon, directed by Ben Stiller, and starred Jack Black as well as Owen Wilson. Fox network decided not to pick up the show, although it gained a cult following online.

Ben Stiller had a sketch comedy show in the early 90s that costarred Andy Dick and Bob Odenkirk

Ben Stiller's sister, Amy, is married to Squidward Tentacles.

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Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Dane Cook were in Smash Mouth's Music Video for All Star

Ben Stiller was in a music video for Limp Bizkit

In the music video for All Star by Smash Mouth, Ben Stiller and William Macy make cameos.

Ben Stiller has a cameo in Tenacious D's Tribute music video at 4:02 in.

One of Terrence Malick's favorite films is 'Zoolander' and Ben Stiller recorded him a happy birthday message as Derek Zoolander

Julian Assange almost appeared in an orgy scene in Ben Stiller's new Zoolander movie

There is an actual "Scorcher" action-disaster film that was released in 2002 sharing the same name as the fictional films parodied by Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller) in 2008’s “Tropic Thunder”

In 1999 Fox Studios decided not to pick up the tv show Heat Vision and Jack. A comedy/sci-fi television show directed by Ben Stiller and starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Ron Silver.

In zoolander ben stiller said "but why male models" again because he forgot his next line.

In Zoolander, the scene where Ben Stiller repeats "but why male models?" is improvised. Ben Stiller just forgot his next line and they rolled with it.

Ben Stiller once challenged Justin Bieber, Dwayne Johnson, and LeBron James to a game of dodgeball. In purple spandex.

British actor Ben Miller was mistaken for Ben Stiller and stayed in his 5 star hotel for 3 nights

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