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A whale's skull is so thick that it requires a world war 2 anti-tank rifle to euthanize one that has beached itself.

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There are sea wolves that live on the coast of British Columbia. They comb the beach for barnacles, herring roe, and beached whales, and some will even even eat salmon. Most of these wolves have never even seen a deer.

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  1. Until recently, most perfumes contained a preservative called "ambergris," which is hardened sperm whale vomit. Terrible smelling chunks of ambergris can be found lying on beaches, and are worth tens of thousands of dollars per pound.

  2. A previously unknown species of beaked whale has been discovered in the northern Pacific. It's black, 24 feet long, and has only been seen from dead animals that have washed up on the beach.

  3. Despite being the largest animal on Earth, the Blue Whale cannot swallow anything larger than a beach ball.

  4. Moko, a dolphin that helped rescue two beached whales in 2008. Humans had tried and failed to help the whales and were ready to give up, when the dolphin appeared, communicated with the whales and led them to safety

  5. The first taxidermied blue whale was made on a beach where spectators would pay to watch, then brought to a museum, where it was modified to become a cafe. Customers would walk in through the mouth, until it closed when a young couple got frisky in the belly of the beast.

  6. Noise pollution is deadly to whales: sonar can directly inflict fatal physical trauma and decompression sickness (akin to "the bends"). Individuals—sometimes entire pods—will beach themselves to escape, whereupon they will choke to death under their own weight or drown at high tide.

  7. Moose have a natural marine predator: killer whales, that will eat them on the beach

  8. Rare beaked whale was found in Australia beach

  9. In 1970, a dead whale washed up on Florence Beach, Oregon. Instead of cremating or burying the creature, authorities decided to blow it up with dynamite. The explosion caused bits of whale and chunks of blubber to rain from the sky, injuring spectators and damaging cars.

  10. Blue Whales have tongues that weigh over 2 tons and eat up to 4 tons of krill per day, but they can't swallow anything larger than a beach ball.

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That, after beaching, whales and other big cetaceans can literally EXPLODE. This is due to the formation of high-pressure gasses in the animal's body during its decomposition.

The Exploding Whale: In 1970, a 45' long, 8 ton beached whale was removed the same way a boulder would, with dynamite, by people with little explosives experience - source

Even though blue whales have a large mouth, their throat is small. They can't swallow anything larger than a beach ball.

Beached whale carcasses are sometimes blown up by the South African, Icelandic, Australian, and United States governments. - source

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In Florence Oregon, 1970, they tried to get rid of a beached rotting whale by blowing it up.

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A beached whale can explode if the skin rips open due to the gas building up within the whale.

In 1970 a whale carcass washed up on a beach. It was determined the best way to get rid of the whale was by using a half ton of dynamite. This threw whale blubber as far as 800 feet and crushed a brand new car bought at a "whale of a deal" event.

In 1970 the Oregon Highway Division tried to blow up a beached whale carcass with half a tonne of dynamite; resulting in bits of whale meat raining down over onlookers. One piece flattened a car.

Whales and dolphins can become so disoriented during geomagnetic storms that they beach themselves

Why do whales die when beached?

Dynamite was used to disintegrate a rotting whale carcass on a beach in Oregon. When the dynamite exploded whale bits were hurled almost a thousand feet away, crushing a vehicle. No bystanders were harmed.

Beached whales are sometimes put down with explosive charges.

In Faroe Islands during their migration pilot whales are surrounded by fishermen and herded towards the beach where hundreds of them are caught with metal hooks and slaughtered while fully conscious turning the sea red thus making escaped ones swim in their family members' blood for hours

Every Other Day a Pilot Whale gets Beached in Florida

Dead beach whales explode due to composing and sometimes people messing with

How long can a beached whale survive?

In 1970 the state of Oregon blew up an 8-ton beached whale using dynamite ... blubber, blubber everywhere

a Pilot Whale gets Beached in Florida Every Other Day

They used to blow up beached whales with dynamite

A Pilot Whale gets Beached in Florida Every Other Day

In 1970 the State of Oregon Removed a Dead Beached 8 Ton Whale By Dynamiting It.

Western Australia uses shaped explosives to euthanise sick or stranded beached whales

A coastal community in Oregon found a whale washed up on the beach. They decide the best way to dispose of it was dynamite. Chaos ensued.

On this day back in 1970, Oregon ODOT tried to use dynamite to blow up a dead beached whale on the beach only to have it backfire and blow blubber all over the beach terrifying onlookers

The Royal Ontario Museum used natural methods to get bones out of a rotting 100-tones beached whale, for display. [Canadians]

The guts of a beached whale can ferment enough to explode its innards up to 50 feet.

The exploding whale of Florence, Oregon, when the state attempted to blow a beached whale carcass back into the ocean with dynamite. Miscalculating the controlled explosion, they ended up completely pulverizing the carcass, resulting in deadly blubber raining from the sky.

The Roman emperor Claudius personally fought a Killer Whale that had become beached in Ostia harbor

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