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The BIC Crystal ballpoint pen was first sold in the US in 1959 for $0.19. It is still sold for approximately $0.19 even with inflation.

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For the past 50 years, the Skilcraft US Government ballpoint pen has been produced by sight-impaired workers under an 80-year-old program dating to the New Deal to employ blind Americans.

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  1. That, despite producing about 38 billion ballpoint pens each year, China had yet to acquire the technology to produce their own pen tips domestically until 2017.

  2. In the UK ballpoint pens are called biros after their inventor, Laszlo Biro. He fled to Argentina in 1938 to avoid Nazi persecution and made pens for the Royal Air Force during WW2.

  3. The first ballpoint pens in America sold for $12.50, the equivalent of $164 today.

  4. When the original card back art for Magic the Gathering was sent to the printers, it had an accidental ballpoint pen mark on it. The same pen mark has now been on every MTC card for 23+ years.

  5. Despite China being famous for manufacturing most of the world's goods, it was 2017 when China mastered the art of manufacturing ballpoint pens.

  6. Cursive writing was invented to accommodate the limitations of the quill, and starting falling out of favor in the 30s and 40s after the invention of the ballpoint pen.

  7. The difference between ballpoint and rollerball pens isn't the pen, but the ink inside. Ballpoint pens use a paste-like oil-based ink while Rollerballs use low-viscosity water-based inks and gels to achieve an effect similar to a fountain pen.

  8. Marcel Bich dropped the "H" from his last name to avoid mispronunciation while marketing his newest product, a ballpoint pen. Today, more than 100 billion Bic Cristal pens have been sold worldwide

  9. An experiment was conducted to evaluate the feasibility of various pens for use in an emergency tracheotomy, only two tested were acceptable (“Baron retractable ballpoint and the BIC soft feel Jumbo”)

  10. The tip of a ballpoint pen is almost as hard as a diamond

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László József Bíró, mostly known for inventing the ballpoint pen (BE: biro), also invented an automatic transmission. It was never used though, because GM just bought its rights to prevent others from using it.

The biggest ballpoint pen ever made was in India. It has a length of 5.5m and weighs 37.23kg, and it's fully functioning. - source

A regular ballpoint pen will work in space - source

The first ballpoint pen was sold in the US and cost $12.50 about $170 today

BIC has sold more than 100 billion ballpoint pens globally since 1950, which is enough to draw a line to the moon and back more than 320,000 times. - source

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China was technologically incapable of making the tips of Ballpoint Pens until 2017. Apparently only a handful of countries can.

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Spies need to submit expense reports for things like ballpoint pens, safe houses, and pornography.

It took a team of 66 people to engineer the Parker retractable ballpoint pen mechanism

BIC raised to fame for selling ballpoint pens for pennies in the 1950s. Their pens still look the same today.

It took a team of 66 people to design the first retractable ballpoint pen [03:48]

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China has had to import the the stainless steel ball and its casing for the ballpoint pens they produced because they didn't have the technology to manufacture the steel fine enough to produce smooth writing pens

We figured out how to go 300 mph in a car 3 years before we invented the ballpoint pen.

China produced its first domestically manufactured ballpoint pen in 2017 , and couldn’t produce it earlier because they didn’t have the technical prowess.

Marcel Bich dropped the last letter of his last name to avoid mispronunciation while marketing his newest product, a ballpoint pen. Today, more than 100 billion Bic Cristal pens have been sold

Ladislao José Biro invented ballpoint pen 8 decades ago and the price has remarkably stayed the same since 1959 - retailing at 19 cents despite inflation. Today is Ladislao José Biro's birthday

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László Bíró was the inventor of the modern ballpoint pen, presented it in 1931

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