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In WWI a messenger pigeon, Cher Ami, saved an surrounded American battalion that was being shelled by friendly artillery. It carried a message through heavy fire that said "WE ARE ALONG THE ROAD PARALELL 276.4. OUR ARTILLERY IS DROPPING A BARRAGE DIRECTLY ON US. FOR HEAVENS SAKE STOP IT."

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How Oskar Schindler - in addition to saving the lives of 1,200 Jews during WW2 by hiring them to work in his factory - purposely recalibrated the machines to produce bogus artillery shells for the German war effort.

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  1. North Korea have tried to destroy the South Korean loudspeakers -that blast propaganda and K-pop over the border- with artillery. They resorted to shelling the speakers after a North Korean effort to retailliate in kind failed due to the decrepit state of their own soundsystem

  2. U.S. Pennies dated 1944 - 1946 were minted with rifle and artillery-shell casings from WWII.

  3. The Guatemalan Special forces, the Kaibiles, are infamous for forcing recruits to raise a puppy, bonding with it and then killing and eating it. Recruits are also shot and forced to perform field surgery on themselves, and they also have to drink water out of recently fired artillery shells.

  4. During WWI, Germany built an artillery gun capable of launching shells into the stratosphere and landing over 80 miles away.

  5. The first ever man-made object to reach the stratosphere was a shell fired by a Paris Gun, a German artillery weapon created in World War I with the sole purpose of shelling Paris, France from over 100 kilometers away.

  6. The golf term “Fore” derives from the military. Artillerymen would yell down “beware before” to their infantry men to warn them of impending shells that would be ejected from the large artillery, which could knock them unconscious.

  7. The use of chemical weapons was first suggested during the American Civil War, by a New York school teacher who designed an artillery shell filled with chlorine gas; resistant to change, the Union Army declined to invest in his invention

  8. The US built an atomic cannon and then nuclear shells compatible with conventional artillery pieces

  9. Picatinny Arsenal, a weapons research facility in northern New Jersey, once fired an errant 2 pound artillery shell off the base. The shell struck a civilian home 3 miles away, killing the family cat.

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Shrapnel is named after Major-General Henry Shrapnel (1761–1842), a British artillery officer, whose experiments, initially conducted on his own time and at his own expense, culminated in the design and development of a the shrapnel shell.

During WWII the British government bought more tea than it did artillery shells and explosives. - source

Craig Huxley built an 18 foot long instrument called "The Blaster Beam" which can be played with an artillery shell and gave Star Trek it's unique music for the V'ger encounter - source

In WWII, the Polish Army had a bear that drank alcohol and moved artillery shells for them.

The Paris Gun, a WW1 Artillery Piece, Sent the First Man-Made Objects into the Stratosphere; it's Shells - source

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The allies fired the last artillery shell of WWI at exactly 10:57:30 AM on November 11, 1918, timed to land in the Verdun area just before the scheduled armistice at 11AM. Also, the very last casualty of the war occurred just 60 seconds before 11AM.

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The city of St. Lô, France, was shelled so heavily during the Battle of the Hedgerows that it became known as the “Capital of Ruins” with 95% of the city destroyed by artillery.

The "Schwerer Gustav", a massive railway gun used by the Germans in WW2, and at 1,350 tonnes and capable of firing 7 tonne shells nearly 30 miles, one of the biggest pieces of artillery in history.

On July 2, 1863, Hood was wounded by an artillery shell at the Battle of Gettysburg, which left his left arm severely damaged.

The Huang He (Yellow) river in China often gets clogged with ice in winter. Aerial bombardment and/or artillery shelling is used to break up the ice for barges.

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The Polish army adopted an orphaned bear while in Syria and taught him to drink, smoke, salute, wrestle, and load vehicles—he even carried artillery shells during the battle of Monte Cassino. To provide for his rations and transport him, he was registered as an actual private in the Polish army

A proto-video game known as the "cathode-ray tube amusement device." Created in 1947, it used a cathode ray tube connected to an oscilloscope to simulate an artillery shell shooting at objects.

There was a colossal German artillery gun named the Schwerer Gustav, built in the 1930s that moved by railcar. It could fire a 31-inch diameter, 7-ton shell to a distance of 29 miles.

In World War II, the Polish army adopted a bear into it's ranks, going so far as to grant it the title of 'Private'. He served for two years, carrying artillery shells for his unit.

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During WW2, the Red Army started shelling Berlin with artillery on Hitler's Birthday

The first man-made object sent into the stratosphere was a German artillery shell in 1918. The gunners had to account for the rotation of the Earth when firing.

The British arms manufacturer Vickers was required to back pay royalties to the German arms manufacturer Krupp after the end of WW1, due to them having sold millions of Krupp patented artillery shell fuzes to the British government over the duration of the conflict.

The messenger pigeon Cher Ami saved her battalion from friendly fire shelling during WWI. Her message? "OUR ARTILLERY IS DROPPING A BARRAGE DIRECTLY ON US. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE STOP IT!"

The Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) is a precision guided 155 mm naval artillery shell for the U.S. Navy's Advanced Gun System. Each shell costs to $800K-$1M. About 90 rounds had been secured for testing, but a full buy of about 2,000 planned rounds would be about $1.8-$2 billion.

In 1915 the US built a giant 16-inch artillery piece that weighed 284,000 pounds and could shoot a 2,400-pound shell 21 miles. It was installed at the Panama Canal

Due to the huge amounts of artillery shells fired, parts of France are still not open because of unexploded shells.

In Belgium, the youngest WW1 victim is a 36 year old woman. In 1992 she and her girl scout group made a campfire above a buried artillery shell, causing it to explode. Because her injury was caused by a weapon of war, she is a recognized WW1 victim, and receives compensation from the government.

During WW1 at the battle of Verdun 150 artillery shells fell for every square meter of land.

An unexploded Civil War artillery shell was discovered at Richmond National Battlefield Park in 2014.

Skoda invented and manufactured the majority of Nazi weaponry and artillery, including Panzer and Hetzer tanks. The Haubitze artillery cannon fired shells over 1,000kg in weight.

The American Civil War started around William McLean's house in the first battle of Bull Run. An artillery shell destroyed his summer kitchen. He moved his family far from the front line, to Appomattox. The treaty to end the war was signed in his parlor.

About Wotjek (1942-1963) the soldier bear, who smoked, drank beer and carried 100lb cases of artillery shells for the Polish 22nd Transport Company’s Artillery Division, most famously in the Battle of Monte Cassino. Wotjek was formally enlisted during the war and rose to the rank of Corporal.

About what a ''Drum fire'' artillery barrage could have sounded like. Drum fire was used during the opening fazes of Operation Kaisersclacht, 10,000 artillery guns would fire over 5 million shells in only 5 hours.

Wojtek, a Syrian brown bear, was raised by Polish forces during WWII. The bear ate, drank, and smoked cigarettes with the soldiers- and assisted them by fetching and stacking shells for artillery squads.

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