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I learned that an art historian watching the movie Stuart Little in 2009 recognized a prop in the background as a lost painting by the Hungarian artist Róbert Berény. The film's set designer had found the work at a California antiques store for $500; it eventually sold at auction for €229,500.

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Art historians dismissed some doodles in da Vinci’s notebooks as “irrelevant.” But in 2016 a Cambridge professor found that one page of these scribbles actually contained the first written records demonstrating the laws of friction

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  1. In 2009 a Hungarian art historian, while watching the movie Stuart Little with his daughter, spotted a long-lost avant-garde painting in the background. The painting was bought by a set designer in a Pasadena antiques shop for "next to nothing", and later sold for $285,700 at an auction.

  2. Peter Weller, the original Robocop, has a Master’s degree in Roman and Renaissance Art and is now an art historian.

  3. Despite his bad reputation, Emperor Nero was adored by the common people and his policies consistently favored the poor. He lowered taxes, ensured their legal aid and promoted art and culture instead of violent sports. The historians that vilified him were rich senators, his political enemies

  4. In 2009, an Art Historian noticed a rare lost painting being used as a prop in the 1999 film Stuart Little. The film bought it as a $500 prop in the 90s, it sold for €229,500 ($280,000 USD) in 2014.

  5. The movie Stuart Little had a long-lost Hungarian painting hanging in the background. The masterpiece was lost before WWII, and was discovered in 2009 when an art historian watched Stuart Little with his daughter. The film's set designer had found the painting at an antiques shop in California.

  6. Alessio Baldovinetti painted a Portrait of a Lady in Yellow in approximately 1465. In 1866 the painting was purchased by the National Gallery London, mistakenly attributed to Piero della Francesca as a portrait of Countess Palma of Urbino. It wasn"t until 1911 that an art historian determined that the true artist had been Alessio Baldovinetti. The sitter of the portrait remains unknown.

  7. A lost painting was used as a prop in Stuart Little. It was spotted by an art historian while watching the movie with his daughter.

  8. Luca's mother's brother was Lazzaro Vasari - the great-grandfather of Giorgio Vasari - the art historian. It was Lazzaro who arranged for Luca to apprentice with Piero della Francesca.

  9. In 2009 art historian Gergely Barki was watching Stuart Little when he spotted Róbert Berény's Sleeping Lady, a lost painting not seen since an exhibit/sale in 1928. After a years-long mission, he tracked it to an asst set designer’s home, who bought the six-figure painting for $500 for the film

  10. Historians use fallout from atomic bombs to find fake art.

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There was a gameshow in 1950's UK called "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?' in which a panel of archeologists, art historians, and natural history experts were asked to identify interesting artifacts from British museums. Sir David Attenborough was in charge of choosing the artifacts.

A painting by a famous Hungarien painter, was randomly rediscovered after an art historian saw it randomly in the movie Staurt Little, while he watching the film with his daughter - source

The word 'Serendipity' was derived from 'Serendip', old Persian name of Sri Lanka, by English art historian Horace Walpole after the 1557 Venitian story titled 'The Three Princes of Serendip' - source

Peter Weller, the original actor of Robocop, is also an accomplished historian. He has a PhD in Italian Art Renaissance History, and has appeared on TV shows such as “Engineering an Empire” in which the engineering feats and history of classic empires are explored.

Peter "RoboCop" Weller is also an Art Historian - source

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The Ottoman Empire was one of the mightiest and longest-lasting dynasties in world history. This superpower ruled for more than 600 years. Historians regard the O.E. as a source of great regional stability and security, as well as important achievements in the arts, science, religion,and culture

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A prominent food historian dismisses the very idea of African cuisine because "... when shortages are the currency of everyday life, filling the stomach is the only art." She believes Africans have always been on the verge of starvation and that nobody ever took the time to develop tasty recipes

A painting lost for 9 decades was discovered when an art historian saw it in the background of a Hollywood movie.

An art historian spotted a long-lost painting used as a prop in "Stuart Little" and is now auctioning it off for $110,000

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