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The mouses cursor is tilted because in the early days it was first a vertical arrow pointing up, but it was difficult to see a vertical line on a low res screen, so it was tilted to make it easier to find

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The arrow symbol (→) is a rather recent invention. The first arrow symbols were used sporadically in the 18th century and arrow symbols only became widely used in the late 19th century. Pointing hand symbols were used for centuries before the arrow symbol was invented.

The arrow is pointing to what automotive components?

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  1. There is a ritual among the Ainu people of Japan where they raise a bear cub as they would their own children. When the bear is older, it is taken to the centre of the village, pelted with arrows and finally killed at point blank. The flesh and blood is consumed and the skull is worshipped.

  2. London kids formed a human arrow to point police flying overhead towards suspects on the run for burglary.

  3. The ritual "Iomante" among the Ainu of Japan involves raising a bear cub as you would your own child. When the bear is older, it is taken to the center of the village, pelted with arrows and finally killed at point blank. The flesh and blood is then consumed and the skull is worshiped.

  4. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that entropy increases with time in an isolated system and creates the implication of the 'Arrow of time'. At some point the entire universe will end with heat-death, where everything is the same temperature.

  5. The terms 'bulls eye' and 'point blank' were coined around the same time, and refer to the skill involved with shooting an arrow at a bulls skull

  6. There are enormous concrete arrows across USA for Airmail planes to point direction for the next stop off to deliver mail.

  7. The first on-board navigation system was invented in 1909. The Jones Live worked by rotating a disk with printed directions that the driver would sync with a set start point, and would move past an arrow that would give directions from that starting point along the drive to a set end point.

  8. The arrow next to the fuel symbol in a car points to the side that the fuel cap is on

  9. Before radio, pilots would navigate using gigantic concrete arrows on the ground that pointed towards the next giant arrow. At night they followed makeshift lighthouses built across the country. Some still remain.

  10. The yellow part of the Amazon logo isn't a smile, it's actually an arrow pointing from A to Z, because they sell everything (from a to z)... and it's a smile too.

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To what part of the microscope is the arrow pointing?

Why arrow in the knee?

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Your fuel gage has an arrow that points to the side of the car the gas cap is on

Car fuel gauges have a little arrow that points to the side of the car which the gas cap is located. 🤯 - source

Hotel rooms in some parts of the world will have an arrow pointing to Mecca for Muslim guests. (Thanks, u/AllanfromWales1) - source

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