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Farmers allow the "Tree Goats of Morocco" to climb Argan trees to eat the fruit because their poop (consisting of digested clumps of seeds) is then pressed to create the sought-after Argan oil. Argan oil is commonly found in the popular Ogx Shampoo bottle... effectively making it Shampoop.

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Argan oil is made from seeds pooped out by a goat

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  1. Women in Morocco have used argan oil for centuries. Pressing the oil has always been women's work. Now women are starting to market it themselves as well. A Berber businesswoman has helped female villagers to establish co-operatives to make and sell the the oil.

  2. Moroccan Argan Oil - aka "Liquid Gold" - used in beauty and haircare products, is "processed" by tree-climbing goats in Morocco.

  3. Argan oil originates from tree-climbing goats in Morocco

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