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That, by examining high-resolution satellite imagery with algorithms developed via trial-and-error, Sarah Parcak and her team have discovered 17 pyramids, 1,000 tombs, and over 3,100 settlements in Egypt alone. She now wants to crowdsource "space archaeology" to prevent looting of ancient sites.

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Over the last 300 years, strange bronze dodecahedrons have been found among Roman archaeological sites. Archaeologists are still uncertain what their purpose was.

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  1. Medieval Norse fabrics were so exquisitely preserved in Greenland that a 20th century woman would retrieve them from archaeological sites and reuse them for childrens clothes

  2. Gobekli Tepe archaeological site is older than Pyramids, and even older than Stonehenge, writing, agriculture, discovery of wheel. Also oldest religious place ever discovered.

  3. Dogfish Head creates beer recipes based upon the chemical analysis of residue found on pottery and drinking vessels from various archaeological sites. They're called "Ancient Ales".

  4. Cold War spy satellites from the 1960s took pictures of 10,000 ancient cities and ruins in the Middle East which nobody knew existed until they were re-examined in 2014. The images were made before modern cities overran many archaeological sites.

  5. The Calusa Native American tribe ate shellfish and discarded middens of shell waste into Florida waters for generations, forming an entire island, ecosystem, and archaeological site known as Mound Key

  6. The ruins of Mohenjo-daro were unheard of until 1920-21 when an officer of the Archaeological Survey of India named R.D. Banerji visited the ancient site. His determination that the site was of ancient importance led to excavations beginning in 1924.

  7. Tourism is the only growing sector of Oaxaca's economy. Most foreign tourists are from the United States and Canada who come to enjoy the lower costs, to visit the archaeological sites, and to surf the waves on the Pacific.

  8. The second national park located along the Argentine Sea was Monte Leon National Park, established in 2004. It contains several paleontological sites considered to be of high value as well as important archaeological sites. It is considered to be in a good state of conservation. It is 165,000 acres in size.

  9. There are more than 650 archaeological sites in Olympic National Park.

  10. Besides the nice beaches and archaeological sites, Nayarit's lower than the Mexican average crime rate is also a draw for tourists and retirees.

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What is the name of the archaeological site closest to the pacific ocean?

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Tourism is by far the most important part of Quintana Roo's economy. In addition to ancient Maya archaeological sites open to tourists, the state boasts some of the best resorts in Mexico, including Cozumel, Cancun, and several others.

There are almost 5000 archaeological sites in Mesa Verde National Park, but more are likely to be uncovered as time passes.

In 2008 archaeological evidence was uncovered that suggests Stonehenge may have been a burial site even before Stonehenge itself was built.

Pompeii's walled city is 150 acres in size and is the largest archaeological and excavation site in the world.

The city of Cholula is a popular tourist destination in Puebla and an important historical site. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the major archaeological attraction of the city. Most of the pyramid was built during the dominance of the Teotihuacan culture (AD 1-700) and it stands about 217 feet high with a base of 1,480 by 1,480 feet. A church was built on its peak in the modern period.

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The earliest archaeological evidence of humans smoking weed stems from a 5,000 year old grave site in Romania which contained a "pipe-cup" with burnt hemp seeds in it.

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Tlaxcala's economy is still primarily agricultural based, although it has transitioned to more light industry in the years since NAFTA was signed in the early 1990s. Tourism of Pre-Columbian archaeological sites has also become a larger part of Tlaxcala's economy in recent years.

The state has recently make efforts to draw in tourists from around the world. Rain forest tours and adventure packages are offered with tours of the state's archaeological sites.

Nighthawking is when people dig for and steal archaeological artifacts from protected sites under the cover of darkness.

The UNESCO recognized World Heritage archaeological site Göbekli Tepe which is located in Turkey. Some of the structures and stone carvings there date back to 10,000 BCE.

Göbekli Tepe, an archaeological site in Turkey, is a structure that predates all known ancient structures (dating puts it around 9000 BCE) and is causing scientists to rethink what hunter-gatherers were capable of

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Peralta is one of the more impressive archaeological sites in Guanajuato. It was a Toltec Era site that was an active city from AD 100 to 900 and was complete with more then twenty small pyramids.

“It is illegal to use a metal detector in and around national monuments and archaeological sites in Ireland without a licence from the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.”

There is a Crypt Museum under the square in front of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral to display archaeological remains discovered during excavations from 1965 to 1972. Visitors can travel back in time by discovering successive buildings erected on the site and walk through ancient ruins

The oldest toy in the world is 3600 years old and was discovered at the archaeological site near Kosice, Slovakia (Central Europe): a four-wheeled pushcart from the grave of a child from the period around 1600 BC. You can see it in the Archaeological Institute of SAV in Kosice.

Two Pre-Columbian archaeological sites and the state's unique cultural festivals once drew many tourists, many from the United States, but the recent cartel wars and upsurge in general crime have devastated Zacatecas" tourist industry.

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France's road D119 travels ¼ mile through a natural grotto and major archaeological site with art from ca. 15,000 years ago

There are only 3 archaeological sites that lie beyond national boundaries, one of them being on the moon.

Las Ranas, Toluquilla, El Quirambal, and El Cerrito are the main Pre-Columbian archaeological sites open to visitors. El Cerrito features a large pyramid and Las Ranas has an intact Mesoamerican ballcourt.

The Lacandon Jungle is located in northeastern Chiapas, with parts of it extending into neighboring Belize and Guatemala. Because the region offers a combination of pristine rainforests and Mesoamerican archaeological sites, several outfitters now offer excursions to tourists that leave Tuxtla Gutierezz.

The oldest mountain range in N. America is in the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina. At approximately 500 million years old, it also has the highest concentration of archaeological sites in the area.

Archaeoacoustics is the use of acoustical study as a methodological approach within archaeology. This may for example involve the study of the acoustics of archaeological sites, or the study of the acoustics of archaeological artifacts.

Archaeoacoustics is the use of acoustical study as a methodological approach within the field of archaeology. Archaeoacoustics examines the acoustics of archaeological sites and artifacts.

Tanis Archaeological Site is Egypt’s capital during the 21st and 23rd Dynasties - and its royal cemetery.

If you plan to visit the key archaeological and historic sites in Greece, you should know that it's illegal to wear high heels!

The oldest exctract from the bible were found 1979. Two tiny silver scrolls, inscribed with portions of the well-known Blessing from the Book of Numbers and apparently once used as amulets, were found in burial chambers on an archaeological site southwest of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The world's greatest archaeological discovery is credited to a Kurdish shepherd who found the remains of Göbekli Tepe (Xirabreşk) in 1994. The site in Turkish Kurdistan predates the Great Pyramids by over 7,000 years and was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site only today.

In antiquity people used to visit the archaeological sites of civilizations long gone

During the Iraq war the US military caused irreparable damage to the archaeological site of Babylon. Parts were levelled to create a landing area for helicopters, and parking lots for heavy vehicles.

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