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Antonio Banderas is going to fashion school so he can make men's capes a thing again

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Since he didn't speak much english at all, on his first english speaking role, Antonio Banderas had to learn his lines phonetically

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  1. Antonio Banderas, the star of "Puss in Boots" watched the red carpet premiere alone in a giant theater with 25 cats wearing 3D glasses.

  2. Antonio Banderas early in his U.S. acting career spoke minimal English and learned his lines phonetically yet still gave critically praised performances.

  3. The movie "The 13th Warrior"(1999), starring Antonio Banderas and Omar Sharif, bombed and was panned so critically that Sharif temporarily retired from acting

  4. Antonio Banderas Wants To Make Men's Capes For A Living

  5. Antonio Banderas didn't speak any English when he played his first major film roll in The Mambo Kings. All his dialogue was taught to him phonetically.

  6. Antonio Banderas didn't move to America until he was 31, and he couldn't speak any English.

  7. The most popular sport in Spain is football, which in North America is called soccer. Antonio Banderas, a famous movie star and Spaniard, played soccer until he was 14 and he broke his foot.

  8. Robert Rodriguez made the 1995 film Desperado, starring Antonio Banderas, as a sequel to El Mariachi. In 2003 the third film in the El Mariachi series, titled Once Upon a Time in Mexico, was released.

  9. Antonio Banderas does the voice of the Nasonex Bee.

  10. Antonio Banderas worked in Spanish porn shops in the 1980s before becoming a professional actor.

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