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Between 63rd and 76th streets in New York City, scientists discovered an ant species found nowhere else on earth. It has been nicknamed the “ManhattAnt.”

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Ants enslaved by other ant species (TIL ants get enslaved) rebel against their masters by neglecting the work they're assigned to do, and even killing the master species' young. The slaves may not be able to save themselves, but by rebelling they can protect nearby relatives from the same fate.

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  1. Some species of carpenter ants can explode at will. As a last resort they contract their abs to rupture their internal glands, resulting in a suicidal burst of corrosive, immobilizing glue.

  2. There is a species of ant that will infiltrate a fire ant colony, kill the queen, then take her place. The workers raise the impostor's children, which then fly off to infest more colonies. They are being considered as a biological method to control the spread of fire ants.

  3. There are 14 species of ants that enslave other ants

  4. The Slave-Making Ant. They capture and enslave the young of other species of ants.However, some species of the captured ants have been noted to rebel overtime, toppling the nest of their captors and putting up their own Queen as a new ruler.

  5. Harrison Ford has had a species of spider (Calponia harrisonfordi) and a species of ant (Pheidole harrisonfordi) named after him for his conservation work.

  6. Ants are skilled farmers. Many species of ants purposely grow an edible fungus inside the nest that the ants feed upon, to ensure that the nest isn't wiped out by starvation when food is scarce.

  7. Humans weren't the first species to discover agriculture. That honor belongs to multiple species of ants (and termites) who beat us to it by 50-60 million years.

  8. A new ant species was discovered in 2012 in Manhattan and is called the ManhattAnt.

  9. The naked mole-rat is the only species of animal (including simple organisms) in which cancer has never been observed, it can't feel pain through its skin, it's the only mammal with a social structure similar to ants or termites including a reproducing queen, and it's the longest living rodent.

  10. There is a species of samurai ant that is known to raid rival species nests, kill all the rival ants, collect the rivals eggs, and raise those hatched ants as slaves.

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There is a species of ants called the Mycocepurus Smithii that reproduce by cloning. No male of this species has ever been found. - source

The overwhelming majority of animals are arthropods. There are more species of ants alone than there are species of mammals and reptiles combined. - source

There is a species of ant that breeds none of it's own workers, but instead steals eggs from other ant species, forcing them into slavery to work and feed their colony.

A particular species of beetle infiltrates ant colonies by mimicking the sounds that the queen makes, and then moves around the colony at will, preying on ants, and is "treated like royalty", according to a study. - source

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In the year 2000 a new type of ant was found in the Amazon. It was so unlike anything previously recorded that it was not only recognized as a new species, it also became the sole member of a new genus, AND subfamily.

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The Polygergus or "Slave Maker" ant is so specialized for combat its species cannot feed itself or even take care of its young and must enslave other ants species to do so

There is a species of beetle that lives in ant nests by imitating the sounds of the ant queen. These beetles feed on ant eggs, larvae and adults by piercing their mandibles into the abdomen or other soft part and sucking the contents. There appears to be no benefit to ants from the association.

The only species known to pursue "all-out war against fellow members of the same species" are humans, and ants.

There is a species of ant, Novomessor cockerelli, that competes with red harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex barbatus) by plugging holes in their colony with rocks to keep them from leaving.

The average home has more than 100 different species of flies, spiders, beetles, ants, and other bugs—with an even greater variety inside houses in wealthier neighborhoods. Instead of pests, they are mostly benign species that are often so small that we don't notice them.

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Ants of the species Conomyrma bicolor pick up stones and other small objects with their mandibles and drop them down the vertical entrances of rival colonies, allowing workers to forage for food without competition.

Ants farm another species of insect called aphids similarly to how humans farm dairy cows. The aphids secrete a sugary substance from their skin, which the ants “milk” by stroking the aphids with their antennae

There are species of ants that capture brood of other species, and turn them into slaves for their own colony. The enslaved ants are usually tricked into obedience but they can also rebel, killing their enslavers and protecting their native colony from further raids.

Numbat has pointed head and sticky tongue, designed for feeding on termites. Besides termites, numbat eats ants and other insects. Numbat is diurnal (active during the day) species.

Gunung Mulu National Park is home to 75 mammal species, 262 bird species, 47 fish species, 281 butterfly species, 74 frog species, and at least 458 species of ants.

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Some species of ants actively cultivate and care for fungi and feed it to their young

Ants can be active both during the day and night, depending on the species.

The "lemon ant", which gets its name for tasting like lemon when eaten. This same ant also is known for creating a "devils garden" by releasing its own herbicide which creates a natural clearing on the rain forest floor where at most three plant species can survive.

One species of caterpillar is able to make a song that sounds just like an ant queen. It confuses any ants around and they begin to treat the caterpillar as their new queen, sometimes even killing their old one. They bring the caterpillar food, protect it, and carry it around, thanks to singing.

Most ant species are edible, their flavor is pleasantly sour. This is because ants secrete an acid when threatened, giving them a vinegar-like flavor

Camponotus saundersi, a species of Carpenter ant found in southeast Asia, explode when losing a battle, covering their enemies in toxic "glue"

Swollen-thorn acacia (African species) lives in symbiosis (mutually beneficial relationship) with stinging ants. Acacia provides shelter (ants live inside the thorns) and food (they eat nectar). In return, ants protect plant from the herbivores.

Some species of tarantuals keep frogs as pets to protect their eggs from ants.

There is a species of ant from Malaysia which in order to protect its colony from predators, will reluctantly explode itself, spewing a sticky inedible goo with the hope that predators will get deterred by it and leave the colony alone.

Survival of some species of ants doesn"t depend on the males due to ability to reproduce by cloning.

Some species of senna have extrafloral nectaries, special type of glands that are located near the leaves or floral stalks. These glands produce sugary substance which serves as source of food for the ants and ladybird beetles. In return, these insects protect senna from the insects that feed on leaves of this plant.

The Camponotus Saundersi, a species of ant found in Malaysia and Brunei, can explode suicidally and aggressively as an ultimate act of defense.

Green bee-eater hunts and eats different types of flying insects such as honey bees, grasshoppers, fruit flies, ants and wasps. Name "bee-eater" refers to the favorite type of food of this species - bees. Fruit and berries are occasionally on the menu.

Phengaris rebeli is a species of parasite butterfly whose larvae mimic ant larvae so worker ants feed them. They also mimic queen ants' sound and ascend to highest social ranks. Researchers once saw larvae attacked by queen ants, upon which ant workers attacked their own queens to save bflies.

Saharan silver ants can travel at 108 body lengths a second. This makes them one of the fastest known running species.

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