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Daniel Craig has been injured 5 times while playing James Bond. He does all of his own stunts, and has had his two front teeth smashed out, lost the tip of a finger, sprained his arm and knee in separate incidents, and pulled his ankle.

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A grown man is knocked over by ankle deep water if it's moving at 6.7 mph, by knee depth at 4 mph, and waist depth at 2.6 mph. This is one reason tsunamis are so dangerous. (Pdf)

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  1. Four-legged animals like horses and dogs don't have backwards knees. Those joints are actually their ankles, which bend in the same direction as our ankles do.

  2. Birds' knees are actually located just under their bodies and covered in feathers. What some believe to be birds' knees bent backwards are actually their ankles bent normally forwards.

  3. Most animals are digitigrade, i.e., they walk on their digits or toes. Birds, cats, dogs etc are examples and what most people think are knees are actually their ankles. Humans are plantigrades ,i.e., they walk on the flats of their feet

  4. There is an alternative to an above the knee amputation, called a rotationplasty, which involves reattaching the calf, ankle, and foot backwards to create a new knee joint.

  5. Chickens do not have 'backwards' knees. Their true knees are hidden beneath feathers close to their torso. What we perceive as their knees are really just their ankles.

  6. The most common volleyball injuries include ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries, knee injuries, finger injuries, shoulder injuries, lower back injuries, rotator cuff tendinitis, and ankle injuries.

  7. Arthritis is common in the hands, hips, and the knees, but it can also affect many other parts of the body including ankles and feet.

  8. A flock of flamingos is called a "flamboyance," and that their weird backward bending "knees" are actually their ankles- their knees are closer to their bodies hidden under their feathers.

  9. For kids with a certain type of bone cancer, doctors will remove their knee, flip their ankle backwards, and re-attach the ankle to the thigh so the ankle functions as their knee.

  10. Rotationplasty' is an alternative procedure for bone cancer after radiation, where the cancerous lower leg (incl. knee) is amputated and the ankle is attached to the upper leg with the foot facing backward. The foot then acts like the knee joint and a prosthesis is attached to it.

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Birds knees don't actually bend backwards, but forwards like humans. The joint we see that we perceive as a knee is actually closer to the human equivalent of an ankle (which pivots backwards relative to the knee).

The “knee” we see on a flamingo’s leg is actually an ankle, and they are naturally so stable that you can stand one up on one leg when it’s dead. - source

That, anatomically speaking, the ‘leg’ only refers to the area of the body between the ankle and the knee, also known as the ‘crus’. - source

Rotationplasty, a surgery wherein a portion of a limb is removed, while the remaining limb below the involved portion is rotated and reattached. Commonly, the ankle can become the knee.

The visible "knee" of the flamingo is actually ankle joint. True knee is close to the body and can"t be seen because of the feathers.

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It's the Flamingo's ankle that we see bending in a backward direction, not their knee.

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Flamingo's are actually bending their ankles when they walk, not their knees as I had thought.

Rotationplasty is a surgical procedure for young patients that need their lower limb amputated. The section that needs to be amputated is cut out and the foot is reattached backwards, allowing the ankle to function as a replacement knee joint with the prosthetic.

About Rotationplasty, an operation that uses an ankle to function as a knee replacement.

A medical procedure can be performed where a diseased knee is removed and replaced by a backwards healthy ankle.

Knee and ankle pain when running?

R.I.C.E therapy which has been used for knee and ankle injuries for eons is not effective

Technically speaking, your leg only consists of "the section of the lower limb extending from the knee to the ankle."

In 2013, after badly spraining his ankle and facing a life on crutches, a British man instead opted to have his leg amputated below the knee and replaced with a prosthetic one.

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