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The first documented case of child abuse was reported to an animal welfare organization, for lack of a better resource. Which means that animals had welfare rights in the US before children did.

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China currently has no animal-welfare laws.

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  1. The guinea pig is one of the few animals protected by the Animal Welfare Act, which dictates it cannot be experimented on.

  2. 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer was so concerned with animal welfare he went so far as to protest against the use of the pronoun "it" in reference to animals because it led to the treatment of them as though they were inanimate things.

  3. Nazi Germany had extremely progressive laws on Animal Welfare, and that current animal welfare laws in Germany are based of Nazi ones

  4. The current animal welfare laws in Germany are modified versions of the laws introduced by the Nazis.

  5. An animal welfare group, in an attempt to prove how intelligent dogs are, taught a dog drive

  6. China has no animal welfare laws whatsoever.

  7. The current animal welfare laws in Germany are modified versions of laws introduced by the Nazis.

  8. The Blue Cross animal welfare charity was originally called "Our Dumb Friends' League" when it was founded in 1897

  9. The animal welfare group Best Friends Animal Society started as The Process Church of the Final Judgment, a Scientology splinter group

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