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Angus Barbieri fasted for 382 straight days and lost a total of 276 lbs

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Angus Barbieri who fasted for 382 days simply because he wanted to lose weight. He initially did it for 30 days as a trial and just kept going because “he adapted so well”

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  1. In 1965-1966 a morbidly obese man named Angus Barbieri went 382 days without eating, losing 276lbs (125kg).

  2. Angus Barbieri ate no food for 382 days. He survived on coffee, tea sparkling water and vitamin tablets.

  3. The Guinness World record for longest period which anyone has gone without solid food (fasting) is 392 days. Angus Barbieri of Tayport, Fife, lived on tea, coffee, water, soda water and vitamins in Maryfield Hospital, Dundee, Angus, from 6/65 to 7/66. His weight declined from 214kg to 80.74kg.

  4. Angus Barbieri, a 456 pound man who lost 275 pounds after going 382 days without eating.

  5. About Angus Barbieri who in 1966 surivied without food for 382 days and lost 276 pounds during his fast.

  6. Angus Barbieri, a man who fasted for a year.

  7. Angus Barbieri, a Scottish man who lost 276 pounds by not eating for 382 days.

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