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A mountaineer found a wallet in the Andes mountain range that belonged to passenger of the plane crash in 1972. Realising the owner had survived, the mountaineer returned in wallet to him in 2005, more than 30 years later.

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A mountaineer found a wallet in the Andes mountain range. It was swung out of a plane, which crashed in 1972. Realizing the owner of the wallet was one of the 16 survivors, he returned it to him, 32 years later.

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  1. The Amazon River once flowed into the Pacific Ocean, but was dammed up by the newly formed Andes Mountains. The Amazon's basin then became a giant lake until it eroded away sandstone to the west, letting the lake drain into the Atlantic and forming the modern river.

  2. Uraguay flight 571 crashed in the Andes in the 70s; survivors waited 2 months for help, all while being forced to eat the raw flesh of dead passengers. Two men walked 10 days and 40 miles through the mountain to safety

  3. The Appalachian Mountains in N. America, Andes Mountains in S. America, and Atlas Mountains in Africa were once the same mountain range

  4. Whale Fossils have been found on top of the Andes mountains

  5. The world's longest mountain range in the world is the Andes Mountains, located in South America.

  6. Yasuni National Park is located in a unique position that may account for its biodiversity. It is located close to the equator, situated at the base of the Andes Mountains, and runs along the Amazon.

  7. South America is home to some of the most amazing geographical features including the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Basin and Rainforest, the Brazilian Highlands, the Pampas plain, the Pantanal wetlands and the Guiana Highlands.

  8. Alpacas are native to Chile, Bolivia, and Peru, high in the Andes mountains of South America.

  9. It is located on the eastern Andes mountain slopes in a tropical mountain forest. There are terraces and walls that look as if they were cut from the rock.

  10. Peru's official language is Spanish but many Peruvians also speak Quechua (Inca language) and Aymara. It is also believed that Natives east of the Andes Mountains speak up to an additional 13 languages.

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The source of the Amazon River is believed to be Lago Villafro in Peru's Andes Mountains.

Yasuni National Park is located in Ecuador's Amazon basin. It lies below the equator and is shadowed by the Andes Mountains.

Venezuela's highest mountain is Pico Bolivar, at 16,335 feet tall. It is located in the Andes Mountains northern extension.

The Andes mountain chain is the longest mountain chain on land in the world, stretching 4,470 miles.

The source of the rock's name, andesite, comes from the Andes Mountains of South America as lava flows mixed in with ash and tuff deposits on the flanks of stratovolcanoes.

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Chile stretches along the west side of the Andes Mountains in South America.

How did the andes mountains form?

The Andean bear (Andes mountains) is a remnant species of a prehistoric family of bears -- it is the last remaining short-faced bear species on Earth

There is an underwater mountain range in the North Atlantic Ocean called the Atlantic Ridge. It is twice as wide as the Andes Mountain range and runs approximately 10,000 miles south from Iceland.

There was a plane crash of a Uruguayan rugby team in the Andes Mountains in the winter of 1972. The survivors of the crash endured an avalanche and were forced to eat their dead teammates. 16 of the 45 passengers finally were rescued after 72 days.

The 188 highest mountains in the world are all in Asia. The highest mountain outside of Asia is Aconcagua in the Andes mountain range in Argentina

When were the andes mountains formed?

The climate in the Andes Mountains is known to drastically change in short distances. Rainforests exist just miles away from the snow covered peak, Cotopaxi

In 2013 a man fleeing a child sex charge from Chile got stranded in Andes mountains for 4 months and survived on rats and raisins till he was found

Chile’s Central District has had so many reported UFO sightings over the past 20 years that in 2008, the town of San Clemente opened a 19-mile UFO trail that winds through the Andes Mountains, whose plateaus apparently make great landing pads for the UFOs

Hitler was alive and well, and living in the Andes Mountains long after World War II.

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