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The Golden Records on the Voyager probes includes copyrighted material that aliens will be able to access and use completely for free, but we can't.

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Claims of people being anal probed by aliens only became common after 1969, the year that colonoscopies were introduced. In 1989 there was a huge upsurge in anal probe reports as a result of the procedure becoming more widespread and Ronald Reagan undergoing one

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  1. NASA sent a copy of Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode on the Voyager space probe as part of a package that was meant to represent the best in American culture and could one day be discovered by aliens.

  2. No one is really sure when "Aliens Anal Probing" us began, but the earliest recorded account was from Barney Hill in 1965 under hypnotic regression.

  3. An alien probe may have passed by earth in 1991 and we may have a chance of confirming what it is in 2016 [PDF]

  4. There is a gold-plated record aboard the Voyager 1 probe launched in 1977 containing music, images, and sounds from Earth, in case the spacecraft is ever picked up by aliens. Carl Sagan was the head of the committee that chose the tracks.

  5. NASA plans to send message for aliens to space probe and you can submit your own message.

  6. NASA put information about earth on the Voyager probes including 116 photos meant to help explain the human race to aliens

  7. Voyager 1 contained a disk of 'The sounds of Earth' along with other information on humanity incase alien's found the probe. On the disk Blind Willie Johnson's song 'Dark was the night, cold was the ground' was chosen to represent the feeling of loneliness nonverbally to alien life.

  8. NASA has argued an actual alien probe made an approach to the Earth in December of 1991. The 10-metre object came so close to our planet without crashing down, it was seen "an indicator of a controlled encounter."

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