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A Baltimore school was evacuated and hazardous materials crews were called due to a strange odor. The source of the odor was a pumpkin spice air freshener.

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Every single Holiday Inn has a signature scent. In a recent rebranding, IHG decided to purchase air fresheners in all 1145, using a scent described as “Notes of Jasmine, mixed with Wood, and Honeysuckle.”

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  1. The movie “Polyester”. This 1981 film featured “Odorama” where the audience was given scratch and sniff cards to be scratched off when a number appeared on-screen. Some of the ten smells included: flatulence, air freshener, skunk, and natural gas.

  2. Thomson and other airlines use smells like sun cream in their air freshener to entice customers to arrange vacations whilst they're there.

  3. There was a brand of air freshener in the 80s shaped like a toadstool. It was called 'Magic Mushroom'

  4. Burger King made a Whopper-scented air freshener

  5. Instead of ordering a new motor for your baby swing you can Frankenstein one from an Air Wick freshener. It's the same motor!

  6. Both tree-shaped air fresheners and the safety pin originate from the same small upstate New York town

  7. Sonic The Hedgehog first appeared as an air freshener in "Rad Mobile", a racing game that released 3 months before the first Sonic game.

  8. Lithuania developed a national air freshener called the "Scent of Lithuania" to improve Lithuania's image abroad, and gave free samples to every foreign ambassador in the country & soldiers stationed in Afghanistan

  9. When people are exposed to citrus-scented air fresheners, they feel more compelled to tidy up.

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