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Stephen King kept a severe alcohol and cocaine addiction hidden from his family for eight years. He claims he kept the addiction well-hidden but eventually, "...the books [started] to show it after a while. 'Misery' is a book about cocaine. Annie Wilkes is cocaine. She was my number-one fan."

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The groundwork for modern medical training - which is infamous for its grueling hours and workload that often lead to burnout - was laid by a physician who was addicted to cocaine, which he was injecting into himself as an experimental anesthetic.

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  1. Actor Mark Wahlberg had a cocaine addiction at the age of 13. He was also charged with attempted murder at 16 after bashing a Vietnamese man over the head with a stick and shouting racial slurs at him.

  2. In Stephen King's "Misery," a story about a writer kidnapped by a crazed fan named Annie, Annie represents cocaine, as the story was written at the height of King's cocaine addiction

  3. An Ottawa shooter attempted to rob a McDonalds with pointed stick. He wanted to be in jail because he believed it was the only way to overcome his crack cocaine addiction.

  4. Carrie Fisher was addicted to cocaine AND survived an overdose during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back.

  5. William Halsted, a pioneering surgeon from the 19th century who discovered anesthetic properties of cocaine, eventually got addicted to it. He signed himself up in a sanatorium where his addiction was "treated" with morphine. He remained a morphine addict for the rest of his life

  6. Sugar can be more addictive than both cocaine and heroin.

  7. Queen Victoria was addicted to cocaine infused chewing gum

  8. Stephen King’s drug and alcohol addiction was so bad that he can barely remember writing Cujo. King's family staged an intervention, showing him evidence taken from his office including beer cans, cigarette butts, grams of cocaine, Xanax, Valium, NyQuil, dextromethorphan and marijuana.

  9. Queen Victoria was addicted to cocaine infused chewing gum. She was even believed to have shared some with a young Winston Churchill.

  10. With just one dose of the ibogaine hallucinogen and a psychedelic journey that can last days, heroin addicts, alcoholics and cocaine users have reportedly found themselves completely free from their cravings — with none of the usual withdrawal symptoms.

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According to top addiction experts, "Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram of cocaine".

Cocaine addiction treatment is 7 times more effective in reducing cocaine consumption than law enforcement. - source

Gambling is an effective treatment for cocaine addiction and has a higher success rate than 28-day-rehab clinics an 12-step meetings. - source

Mike Tyson during the peak of his fame was a raving sex addict. A-list celebrities, a 50 year old store assistant, a drug counselor, female prison visitors, hotel maids and cocaine fueled orgies were all on his to do list. He even confessed to wearing his championship belts during the act.

When the body of Layne Staley - the lead singer of Alice In Chains - was discovered, it weighed 86 pounds. He was 6 ft. tall and suffered from depression, and addiction to speed and cocaine. - source

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Cocaine and alcohol have nearly identical rates of addiction

Showing cocaine addicts pics of cocaine paraphernalia activates areas of the brain responsible for drug craving, even when the pics are visible for only 33ms--which is too fast for someone to be consciously aware of what they saw.

During the mid-1990s, due to stress from acting and promotion of his films, Jean-Claude Van Damme developed a cocaine addiction. He spent up to $10,000 a week, and snorted up to 10 grams per day by 1996.

There is a DC Character who got his powers from Cocaine. His equipment was Cocaine and his religion was Cocaine worship. His only weakness? You guessed it: Cocaine Addiction.

More than 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine each year in the U.S., due to their mothers' use of the drug during pregnancy.

Coca Cola was invented by morphine addicted Confederate Colonel John Pemberton as a morphine substitute and its original ingredients include coca leaves which is the raw material for manufacture of cocaine.

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In the mid 1970s, singer David Bowie weighed just 95 pounds due to a cocaine addiction and a diet of only milk and peppers.

Sweetness is more addictive than cocaine

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. “Even when you get the rats hooked on IV cocaine, once you introduce sugar, almost all of them switch to the sugar.”

Casual cocaine use is associated with heart damage. Cocaine addiction has previously been associated with heart disease, but the researchers wanted to study its effects in people not considered to be addicted

In 1879 a drug was introduced to treat morphine addiction and the drug was very successful. Doctors and patients loved it. It was cocaine.

Connecticut College students and a professor of psychology have found Oreos to be just as addictive as cocaine – at least for lab rats. And just like most humans, rats go for the middle first.

Cocaine isn't actually physiologically addictive - it's only psychological. Nontheless can the bodily symptoms of withdrawal be felt for months.

William Halsted (1852 - 1922), one of the most famous surgeons at Johns Hopkins, was addicted to morphine and cocaine and was eventually sent to a sanatorium. He continued on addicted but extremely successful, changing the world of surgery.

NHL goalie Grant Fuhr spent years battling a cocaine addiction, culminating in a 59-game suspension and a stint in rehab. After recovering and returning to the ice, opposing fans taunted him with bags of sugar during games.

An alcoholic can actually die from withdrawal, known as Delirium Tremens where death occurs in 1% to 4% of cases--making alcoholism more dangerous to kick than cocaine addiction. Nicknames: barrel-fever, blue horrors, bottleache, elephants, gallon distemper, quart mania, and pink spiders.

A study by the British government to compare the the physical harm, addictive potential and social costs of different drugs concluded that heroin and cocaine were the most dangerous, with alcohol being 5th, cannabis 11th, and LSD and ecstasy 14th and 18th respectively.

At the height of Stevie Ray Vaughan's drug and alcohol addiction, he snorted a quarter ounce of cocaine and drank a quart of whiskey a day.

Some scientists believe sugar is addictive and some even think it is just as addictive as cocaine or heroin.

Al Capone, who was diagnosed with syphilis and gonorrhoea and suffering from withdrawal symptoms from cocaine addiction, was moved from Atlanta Penitentiary to Alcatraz because of bullying by fellow inmates

Townes Van Zandt, despite being a critically-acclaimed musician, lived in a tin-roofed, bare-boards shack with no heat, plumbing, or telephone. He struggled with heroin addiction and alcoholism, shooting up heroin, cocaine, vodka, and rum & Coke mixtures

Unfortunately this was not correct and cocaine turned out to also be highly addictive.

It is believed that Adolf Hitler was suffering from a variety of illnesses and that he took multiple medications - as many as 90 different pills during WWII. He has been described as a neurotic psychopath. By late 1942 Hitler was believed to be addicted to cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine.

That, in the early 20th century, doctors used to treat cocaine addiction with heroin.

A 2007 study revealed that rats preferred saccharin (sugar) water over cocaine when given the option even when increasing the dose of cocaine and causing “intake escalation”, a characteristic of drug addiction.

Adolf Hitler was a drug addict, and he regularly consumed large amounts of Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Barbituates, and Opiates in the later years of WWII.

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