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Last year (2015), amateur British radio enthusiast, Adrian Lane, called International Space Station (ISS) when it was passing over his home about 200 miles up in the sky at 18,500 miles per hour & received answer from an US astronaut who "welcomed him aboard"

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NASA has created a crop called dwarf wheat that contains more nutrients, manages to germinate faster and is smaller than conventional wheat. These crops were successfully grown in space aboard the ISS and could serve as a source of food for future astronauts.

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  1. The International Space Station (ISS) can orbit "straight through" an aurora event. When it happened on 23 February 2016 Timothy Peake, a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut aboard the ISS, said it was "eerie but very beautiful."

  2. Astronauts aboard the ISS are growing lettuce to study outer space gardening techniques.

  3. Astronauts, including ones aboard the ISS, make a salary of only roughly $65,000 to $150,000 per year.

  4. The longest time spent aboard ISS by someone was 665 days. Peggy Whitson set this record on Sept. 2, 2017.

  5. Since 2000, crews aboard ISS have consumed more than 25,000 meals. This is equal to 7 tons of food for six months for only 3 astronauts.

  6. Six people live aboard ISS and work while it orbits the earth every 90 minutes.

  7. Software aboard the ISS designed to ensure crew and station health and safety monitors approximately 350,000 sensors.

  8. Einstein's theory of relativity predicts that since Astronauts aboard the ISS move at extremely high rates of speed, they age more slowly than people on Earth. 100 years aboard the ISS would make an astronaut 1 second younger than people on Earth.

  9. NASA had a rescue mission planned for every Space Shuttle mission after the Columbia disaster. It would optimally take around 45 days to launch, while the crew would wait aboard the ISS.

  10. British astronaut Tim Peake's first meal aboard the ISS was a bacon butty and a cup of tea

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Tim Peake "ran" the London Marathon from space. He used a treadmill aboard the ISS in April 2016

Chris Hadfield didn't only record one song(Space Oddity), but a whole album aboard the ISS, Space Sessions : Songs from a Tin Can. - source

There have been more than 205 spacewalks by cosmonauts and astronauts aboard the ISS since 1998. Spacewalks are conducted for maintenance and repair as well as space station construction.

There have been more than 2,400 research investigations performed aboard the ISS microgravity laboratory.

There is more livable space aboard the ISS than would exist in a 6 bedroom home.

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There is a water recovery system aboard the ISS that reduces dependence on water delivery by 65%.

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Being in space makes your vision worse, astronauts aboard the ISS study this phenomenon.

In 2007, Luke Skywalkers light sabre was aboard the space shuttle Discovery on a mission to the ISS. The movie prop was delivered to NASA officials by Chewbacca.

In 2007, NASA purchased a Russian-made toilet similar to the one already aboard ISS rather than develop one internally.

In 2008 at a personal cost of $30m, English-American video game developer and executive producer, Richard Garriott flew into space staying aboard the ISS for 2 weeks, taking a digitised DNA copy of "Tabula Rasa" players and media personalities such as Stephen Colbert on an "Immortality Drive"

In 2006, Emeril Lagasse contributed several recipes to the meal selection aboard the ISS, as part of a general NASA effort to improve the quality of the food supply for astronauts.

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Point Nemo, the farthest point on Earth from any land. So far, in fact, that the nearest humans are often the astronauts aboard the ISS.

Not including their base salary, US astronauts aboard the ISS earn $1.20 per diem in space.

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After the Columbia explosion in February 2003, the two American astronauts aboard the ISS lost their ride back home. Rather than risk an extended mission, NASA decided that both would board the unreliable Soyuz TMA-1, becoming the first Americans to return to earth on a foreign vessel.

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