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Electric eel has around 6000 cells (known as electrocyte) that produce electricity. They can generate a power of 600 volts, which is 5 time stronger than the electricity generated in the standard US wall socket.

After a man was hit by a subway train it was found that “The burns on the head of the penis and on the thumb and forefinger were obviously electrical burns … The stream of urine had come into contact with the 600 volts of the third rail"

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  1. A scientist embedded LEDs in a prop prosthetic arm to demonstrate an electric eel attack. Each flash in the video represents the firing of the nerves in a potential predator. In each of the volleys at 600 volts, there are 200 pulses per second, a very good rate for causing pain.

  2. In 1903, Thomas Edison produced a silent movie called "Electrocuting an Elephant" in which he electrocuted the elephant Topsy with 6,600 volts to prove how dangerous Nikola Tesla's alternating current was. Despite his publicity campaign, Edison lost the War of Currents to AC.

  3. Electric eels are capable of emitting a discharge of 600 volts

600 volts facts
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