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April 11, 1954 is considered the most boring day in history with no significant births or deaths occurring on that day.

April 11, 1954 was the most boring day in history, according to a computer program tracking news. The most noteworthy events of that day included a general election in Belgium and the birth of a Turkish academic.

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  1. According to Cambridge Computer Scientists who collected over 300 million facts, the most boring day in history was April 11th, 1954.

  2. April 11th, 1954, was declared the most boring day in history

  3. April 11, 1954 is officially the most boring and uneventful day of the 20th century, according to an extensive study of over 300 million events.

  4. The NBA nearly died before adopting the Shot Clock in 1954. Before implemented, games often turned into winning teams passing the ball indefinitely, running out the clock. Fans were quickly getting bored of the long and foul (*blood*) bathed games.

  5. A study once concluded that April 11, 1954 was the most boring day in history - nothing of note happened that day.

  6. April 11, 1954, is considered to be "the most boring day in history", because nothing significant happened anywhere around the world.

1954 boring facts
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April 11, 1954 was the most boring day in history. Nothing exciting happened that day.

April 11th 1954 was the most boring day of the 20th century - source

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