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That, of 195 countries on earth, England has invaded 177 of them.

Britain has invaded 173 of the 195 countries in the world.

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  1. The Loire River's watershed (area of land drained by the river) is 45,195 square miles, roughly 20% of France's entire country.

  2. The sex ratio in Oman is 195 males to 100 females. In Bahrain, it is 173 males to 100 females. The reason for this high imbalance is the expat workers coming from other countries.

  3. Out of 195 countries and a global population of around 7.734 billion people, just 2 countries, China and India's populations make up 36% of the people in the whole world.

  4. Out Of All 195 Countries, In Only 5 Countries Do Men Have A Longer Average Lifespan Than Women. Afghanistan, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Niger.

  5. The U.N. formally recognizes 195 countries. Out of 195 countries, ~1/5th of the world population lives in only one country: China

  6. The top 3 records for most medals won by a country at a single summer Olympics were each won by the same country the games were hosted in: (1) Team USA 239 medals at 1904 Missouri USA (2) Team USSR 195 medals at 1980 Moscow USSR (3) Team Great Britain 145 medals at 1908 London UK.

195 countries facts
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