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Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin wrote in his autobiography that his views on communism were shattered after seeing an American supermarket for the first time in 1990.

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Louis Armstrong almost wrote a second autobiography only about marijuana.

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  1. President Martin Van Buren wrote an 800 page autobiography and never mentioned his wife

  2. While fighting in the Crimean War Leo Tolstoy wrote Boyhood. It was the second book in his trilogy of autobiographies.

  3. In addition to the Emily trilogy and Anne series Lucy Maud Montgomery also wrote several short stories and collections, poetry, non-fiction, and autobiographies.

  4. Doris Lessing went on to write and publish more than 55 novels. She wrote fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, autobiographies, and opera. She wrote in many genres including fantasy, science fiction, and the women's movement, among other topics.

  5. Roald Dahl wrote about his time at boarding school in his autobiography titled Boy: Tales of Childhood.

  6. Leslie Nielsen wrote an autobiography in 1993, where everything written in the book was "a work of fiction", keeping with his style of humor.

  7. Walter Swan wrote his autobiography but no one would sell it, so he opened the One Book Bookstore in Bisbee, Arizona. He sold 20,000 books in his lifetime. He also wrote another book, he sold that next store in the Other Book Bookstore.

  8. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis secured the book deal for Michael Jackson's autobiography and paid him a $300,000 advance. The book quickly sold out of its initial print run but Jackson threatened to block the book’s second print publication unless Onassis wrote a foreword

  9. About James Allen, a highwayman who wrote an autobiography in prison. Shortly before his death, he requested a copy of his book be bound in his own skin, and presented to a man he once tried to rob and admired for his bravery. The book is presently on display in a Boston library.

  10. Years before he was caught, pedophile Jerry Sandusky wrote an autobiography called Touched.

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Convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky wrote an autobiography in 2001 titled ‘Touched’

Penguin Classics published Morrissey's Autobiography in 2013, a move which was criticized for diluting Penguin's brand. One book critic wrote, "Morrissey will survive his unearned elevation. I doubt that the reputation of Penguin Classics will." - source

Jin Yunying, the sister of China's last Emperor, was a Chinese princess of Manchu descent. She wrote an autobiography that was presented to Chairman Mao to read. Mao commented, "A person who enters society becomes someone with aspirations." - source

Neil Patrick Harris Wrote His Autobiography in the form a Choose Your Adventure Book.

Gertrude Stein's lover Alice Toklas wrote an autobiography and it ends with Gertrude Stein's death. Such a powerful metaphor. - source

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