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Maurice Tillet, the inspiration for the character Shrek, was a successful wrestler that suffered from acromegaly. He was better known by his ring name, The French Angel, and was twice recognized world heavyweight champion by the American Wrestling Association. He died in 1954.

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Maurice Tillet, a wrestler suffering from acromegaly, who died in 1954, was the inspiration for the character Shrek.

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  1. Upon hearing of the death of his mentor and friend (Karl Pojello), the French professional wrestler Maurice Tillet died of a heart attack (he had a cardio disease. They are buried together. The text on the gravestone reads: "Friends Whom Even Death Couldn't Part".

  2. The appearance of shrek was inspired bij this 1940s wrestler (Maurice Tillet)

  3. Maurice Tillet, "The French Angel", was a professional wrestler that suffered from acromegaly - an abnormality of the pituitary gland that causes wild/increased bone growth. While it's not official, it's speculated that Shrek's appearance was based off of his.

  4. Russian-born French professional wrestler Maurice Tillet, also known as “The French Angel” is the real life Shrek.

  5. "Shrek" the movie was actually based off of a real person named Maurice Tillet. He was a French wrestler who married an extremely beautiful woman named Olga.

  6. The Shrek character may have been inspired by "The French Angel" Maurice Tillet, a professional wrestler disfigured by acromegaly and dubbed "the freak ogre of the ring".

  7. A French wrestler born in 1903 named Maurice Tillet was likely the uncredited inspiration for Shrek. He looks just like him!

  8. Shrek is rumored to have been based off of a real person named Maurice Tillet. He was a french wrestler who married a beautiful woman.

  9. The character Shrek was based on a French wrestler named Maurice Tillet.

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