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WWE Wrestler Glenn Jacobs a.k.a Kane gives economic classes to students in his spare time.

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The piledriver was banned in WWE in 2000, unless the wrestler has special permission to use it. In a discussion in 2007, Stephanie McMahon said that only two wrestlers were allowed to use the move, "two of the stronger guys", Undertaker and Kane.

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  1. WWE wrestler Kane gives talks on economics to nursing homes.

  2. Glenn jacobs aka kane (wwe wrestler) is a former third grade teacher

  3. The WWF wrestler Kane is an insurer outside of wrestling

  4. Former WWF/WWE wrestler Glenn Jacobs, known professionally as “Kane”, is running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

  5. Kane, from WWE, earned a degree in English literature at Northeast Missouri State University before he was a wrestler.

  6. Gothic metal band Type O Negative composed a theme song for WWE wrestler Kane that was never used

  7. WWE Wrestler Glenn Jacobs aka Kane also conducts economic research presentations for students and actively supports libertarian policies.

  8. WWE CEO Vince McMahon wanted the wrestler Kane to have a '3 Foot' penis in the horror film "See No Evil".

  9. Former WWE wrestler Glenn Jacobs, known professionally as “Kane”, is running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

  10. Kane (the WWE wrestler) is running for Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee

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Glenn Jacobs aka Kane (WWE Wrestler) used to be a third grade teacher

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