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The word defenestrate which means "to throw (someone) out of a window." There are two separate events known as "The Defenestration of Prague" - both times it started a war.

The word defenestration was created in 1618 when 2 governors were thrown out of a window of Prague Castle and landed in a pile of manure, thus starting the 30 years war.

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  1. The act of throwing someone out of a window is called "Defenestration"

  2. Prague had not one, but two historic defenestrations. The second one, where 2 Catholics were thrown out of a 21m high window sparked a 30 year long war. The two men survived. According to Catholics they were caught by the Virgin Mary, while Protestants say they just fell into a dung pile.

  3. There is a word in the English language for throwing someone out of the windows. It's defenestration.

  4. Throwing someone out a window as a form of execution is called "defenestration"

  5. There is a DC superhero called the Defenestrator. He has no superpowers but carries around a glass window that he shoves criminals through.

  6. The word Defenestration (meaning to throw someone or something out a window) comes from an event known as the 'Defenestration of Prague' where 3 imperial officials were thrown out a castle window, sparking the Thirty Years War.

  7. Garry Hoy, a lawyer who was attempting to demonstrate the strength of the windows in his skyscraper by jumping at them and fell to his death by defenestration.

  8. The word "defenestrate" means "to throw something or someone out a window." The Defenestration of Prague started the Thirty Years War

  9. There is a word for the act of throwing someone or something out of a window, "Defenestration".

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There’s a technical term for throwing people out of a window: defenestration - source

Defenestration' is the act of throwing someone out a window. Additionally, if one finds themselves thrown out a window, they have been 'Defenestrated'.

The first Defenestration of Prague occurred when a religious mob killed seven town council members by throwing them out of windows onto the spears of the armed congregation below - source

Defenestration is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window. So basically I've seen hundreds of cowboys defenestrated in movies and never known there's a word to describe the act.

During first infamous defenestration of Prague, which involved seven members of the city council being defenestrated (that is, thrown out of a window) and killed. Upon hearing this news King Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia was stunned and died, supposedly due to the shock of the incident.

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