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During a drill in 1943, the USS William D. Porter accidentally fired a torpedo at the USS Iowa which was carrying US President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the time. The entire crew was rumored to have been arrested when they returned to shore.

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The USS William Porter broke friendly lifeboats with it's anchor, blew up a boiler, accidently dropped a depth charge while escorting Franklin D Roosevelt, mistakenly fired a torpedo at the president, and everyone was arrested. It was then destroyed by a Kamikaze plane that didn't even hit it.

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  1. The USS William D. Porter accidentally damaged a destroyer, mishandled a depth charge that could have destroyed the ship and almost sunk the USS Iowa, which would have killed President Franklin D. Roosevelt, all in less than a week.

  2. The USS William D. Porter nearly killed FDR on his way to meet Churchill and Stalin after accidentally firing a torpedo at his ship

  3. The USS William D. Porter, a destroyer in WW2, sank its sister ship leaving port, almost assassinated President FDR (twice), and finally ended up being sunk by a plane that had already crashed.

  4. In 1943 the USS William D. Porter, a U.S. Naval Destroyer accidentally fired a live torpedo at the USS Iowa, which at the time, President Roosevelt was currently on. Luckily the torpedo detonated before hitting the Iowa when it struck heavy waves.

  5. While the USS William D. Porter was escorting a ship carrying Franklin D. Roosevelt to Tehran, it not only dropped a live depth charge into the water by mistake, but also accidentally fired a live torpedo at the President of the United States.

  6. The USS William D. Porter almost killed President Franklin Roosevelt prior to his first meeting with the Allies during a gun drill in the Atlantic Ocean

  7. In 1943 the US Destroyer USS William D. Porter accidentially shot a armed torpedo at the USS Iowa which had president Roosevelt aboard.

  8. About the USS William D. Porter, the unluckiest ship in the US Navy. During a torpedo drill, the Porter accidentally fired a live torpedo at the battleship USS Iowa, which was carrying President Roosevelt at the time. She was later sank in a kamikaze attack in 1945.

  9. The USS William Porter, a destroyer that almost killed FDR during a botched torpedo exercise.

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The USS William D. Porter, nicknamed "the unluckiest ship in the fleet". It accidentally launched a live torpedo at the USS Iowa which carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Later in the war, it avoided a kamikaze only to have the plane explode underwater, sinking the ship - source

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