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Sperm whales only have one blow hole which evolved from the left nostril. The right nostril is located inside the front of the whale's head and has evolved into a pair of lips used for echolocation.

how whales evolved from land animals?

The earliest of all prehistoric whales was a three foot long, fifty pound, dog-like creature that lived entirely on land. Its lineage is a case study as an entirely terrestrial mammal evolving into an entirely aquatic lifestyle.

Whales dolphins and porpoises evolved from what?

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  1. Blue whales evolved from hippopotamuses. They developed streamlined shape (responsible for graceful movement through the water), transformed their front limbs into fins, reduced their hind legs and developed strong and wide tail (sized like a professional soccer net).

  2. Dolphins and whales evolved from land animals and are related to hippos

  3. Whales evolved from wolf sized land animals that roamed the planet around 50 million years ago.

  4. Dugong has a flat tail and flippers like a whale, but it is more closely related to an elephant. Dugong has evolved 50 to 60 million years ago, when an elephant-like creature entered the water.

  5. Whales Evolved From A Small Deer-Like Animal That Lived 50 Million Years Ago

  6. Whales evolved from a land dwelling, hoofed mammal called the Pakicetus.

  7. Whales evolved from land animals that lived 25 million years ago, a very rare example of a land animal evolved into swimming in oceans.

  8. Whales and dolphins evolved from a four footed land mammal that looks like a wolf-sized rat

  9. Whales actually evolved from a small, hairy mouse-deer-like animal

  10. Whales leg bones aren't really vestigial, but have evolved to help the whales maneuver themselves better during sex.

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What evolved into whales?

Why whales evolved from land mammals?

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The closest living land relative of whales and dolphins is the hippopotamus. Sea mammals were once land dwellers who gimp-evolved back into the sea.

Today's whales and dolphins evolved from "small, unassuming" animals called "Indohyus" which walked "on slender legs tipped with hooves." - source

Whales evolved from four legged land creatures - source

Whales evolved from tetrapods around 55 million years ago

Whales used to walk on land before they evolved to live in the sea - source

When did the first whales evolved?

Whales evolved from sea creatures which evolved into land mammals which evolved into sea creatures.

How whales evolved from wolves?

Whales evolved from land mammals. You can even see this in their movements today as fish move their spines side to side, while land mammals and sea mammals like dolphins and whales move their spines up and down.

The "saddest whale in the world" has evolved to communicate at 52 hertz, instead of the usual 17-18 hertz most whales speak and hear... he's the only one known with such a condition

The modern day whale evolved from a small "deer-like" land animal

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