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Decorated U.S. General Wesley Clark revealed plans for war in the middle east years ago

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British officer Captain James Blunt, who later became a pop singer saved us from World War 3 by risking court martial and refusing General Wesley Clark's order to take an airport by force from the Russians.

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  1. While serving in Kosovo with the British Army, singer James Blunt defied an order from US General Wesley Clark to forcibly take an airport from Russian troops, possibly averting a conflict with Russia.

  2. After the September 11th attacks Then General Wesley Clark was told that the US would attack 7 countries in 5 years including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

  3. The 21st Century wars were planned out according to insider Wesley Clark.

  4. 2007, General Wesley Clark Reveals US Plan To take down Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, And Iran

  5. General Wesley Clark Tells 'Democracy Now' The Truth About Middle East And War On Iraq!

  6. Singer James Blunt was once involved in a international incident. He was ordered by General Wesley Clark to attack a cohort of Russian troops, but queried the order. It was later overturned by British General Mike Jackson, who told Clark "I'm not going to start the Third World War for you".

  7. 1. Gen. Wesley Clark, Democracy Now! interview, 2007 - Take out 7 countries ending with Iran

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